How to Add Your Name, Text, or Emoji to Dynamic Island

add name to dynamic island

As a new introduction to the iPhone’s redesigned look, Apple has introduced Dynamic Island. And with the new iPhone 14 Pros and iOS 16, we have seen a number of different apps that are extending the software functionality and customization using this dynamic island. Adding to this, there is an app that I am going to introduce to you that you can use to add your name or any other personalized text to Dynamic Island.

The app is called ActivityBuilder and here’s how you can use it to put your name on the Dynamic Island of your iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

add name to dynamic island

Add your Name to the Dynamic Island

Follow the below-mentioned steps to display your name or any other personalized text on the iPhone’s Dynamic Island.

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone from the home screen or app library.

Step 2: Search for the ActivityBuilder app in the search bar and install the same from the search results.

search and install activitybuilder

Step 3: Once the app is successfully installed, launch the ActivityBuilder.

Step 4: Upon launching the ActivityBuilder app, you’ll come across a welcome screen with brief instructions and how-tos regarding the app. Here, simply tap on the Continue button and again on Continue on the app’s How it works screen.

continue on activitybuilder welcome screen

Then it will ask if you want to try the ActivityBuilder Pro trial or just want to continue with the free version. Tap on Cancel to continue with the free one or you can proceed with the other option.

activitybuilder pro trial

Step 5: You’ll now finally be on the home screen of the ActivityBuilder app. Here, choose the Builder category which is the first one on the list.

activitybuilder builder category

Step 6: On the next screen i.e. the Builder category screen, tap on the Text option.

text option in builder category

Step 7: You’ll now see the Text activity screen. Here, under the Configuration section, tap on the Dynamic Island left or Dynamic Island right option which should be displaying Missing currently as there is no text set to display on the left or right of the Dynamic Island.

dynamic island left right option

Step 8: On the next screen type in the text that you want to display beside your Dynamic Island. If it is your name, then enter your name or if it is something else, then enter that text. And tap on the Save button.

enter text activitybuilder

Follow the above steps for setting the text for the other side of Dynamic Island.

Step 9: If you also want to display some text in the live activities area that appears on the lock screen, tap on the Center text option, enter the desired text, and hit Save.

enter center text and save

Step 10: Once all is set finally, tap on the Start Activity Button to activate the activity.

start activity activitybuilder

Tip: If the Start Activity button is greyed out, then make sure you have configured all the three text options i.e. Dynamic Island left, Dynamic Island right, Center text. Also, make sure to allow the required permission by tapping on the Permissions option under the Configuration section on the Text builder page and tap on Allow.

permissions text builder

And you are done. You can now freely swipe up to the home screen of your iPhone are you’ll see your set text on the Dynamic Island.

Bottom Line

While this may look like nothing more than an ordinary notch that Android smartphones are offering for quite a while now, Apple has added practical-life usability to it. It shows a bunch of ongoing tasks like currently playing music, ongoing call, etc. making it a useful addition for multitasking. You can use the ActivityBuilder in the same fashion to display emojis on Dynamic Island. The app actually creates an activity and since Dynamic Island is made to show display activities, it displays the ones that we have created in the ActivityBuilder app.

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