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The Apple Watch is a convenient and efficient device that allows users to access information and stay connected on the go. While it’s not designed for browsing the web, there are a few web browsers that can be used on the Apple Watch to access the internet and perform basic web-related tasks.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best web browsers for the Apple Watch.

How to Use the Built-in Web Browser on Apple Watch

Though there is no dedicated browser app available on the Apple Watch, there are a couple of ways to open websites via the hidden built-in web browser.

Ask Siri to open Websites

One of the features of the Apple Watch is the ability to use Siri, the voice assistant, to perform tasks and get answers to questions. If you ask Siri to search the web, it will open a built-in browser on your watch to display the results.

This can be a convenient way to access basic information and perform simple web-related tasks on the go.

1. Hold down the crown for 2 sec to toggle Siri on your Apple Watch. You can also toggle by saying “Hey Siri!“.

2. Ask Siri to open by saying the same.

3. From the results that appear, tap on the Open Page option for any of them to open the Web Browser on your Apple Watch.

open page apple watch

4. The Google web page will get open on your Apple Wath and you can now use the opened Web Browser to surf the web on your Apple Watch.

google web page on apple watch

Use Messages to open Websites

The Messages app on your Apple Watch can also be used as a workaround to launch the Apple Watch’s built-in browser.

1. Send a Message to any of your chats e.g.

2. Click on the link you just sent.

open website using message apple watch

3. Apple Watch will open that link in the built-in web browser.

google web page on apple watch

Best Free Apple Watch Web Browsers

1. Webabit

Webabit is a simple and free web browser for the Apple Watch that allows you to access specific websites or perform basic browsing tasks. To use the app, you must first bookmark the website in Safari and then sync it with the Webabit app on your Apple Watch.

Webabit on Apple Watch

Once you’ve done this, you can easily browse the website by pulling out your Apple Watch and using the app’s page view feature. If you’re someone who prefers lightweight browsers that only offer basic browsing capabilities, Webabit may be a good choice for you on your Apple Watch.

2. Parrity

Purity is a top-rated, free web browser that allows you to view a variety of web content directly on your Apple Watch or iPhone. It features a minimalist user interface and simple controls, making it easy to use. You can access websites by using Siri or Scribble to input the desired address.


In addition to supporting popular search engines such as Amazon, Google, IMDb, and Wikipedia, Parrity also includes a basic history management function. This feature keeps a record of the pages you have viewed, which can be cleared if desired. Caching pages also helps to improve the speed and fluidity of the browsing experience, especially when viewing or saving websites for later reading.

Best Paid Apple Watch Web Browsers

1. Squint Browser

The Squint browser is a comprehensive solution for web browsing that enables you to search for or browse any content in any language. Popular search engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google, and Yahoo are supported by this browser. In addition, it includes a reader feature that allows you to listen to the entire page being read aloud, as well as a voice command feature for hands-free browsing.

squint apple watch

The Squint browser also has a Face Watch feature that works with Siri for quick access on your Apple Watch. You can even load websites or web pages on your iPhone and access them on your watch while browsing. This feature-rich browser can be installed on your Apple Watch easily and costs less than $2.

2. µBrowser

µBrowser is a lightweight web browser designed specifically for use on the Apple Watch. It offers a basic browsing and searching experience and includes a keyboard for easier input. While it may not support all search engines, it does offer the option of using DuckDuckGo, a search engine that prioritizes privacy.

µBrowser apple watch

In addition to providing easy access to saved pages and bookmarks, the browser also has a companion app available on the iPhone for managing bookmarks. One of its standout features is the ability to use the Apple Watch’s face as a quick access point for the browser.

3. iBrowserWeb

iBrowserWeb is a web browser app for the Apple Watch that comes at a high cost. This app allows you to search for anything on the web, just like you would on a website, directly from your wrist. It also includes the ability to create new tabs, so you can have multiple pages open at once.

iBrowserWeb apple watch

The app comes with a fully-equipped keyboard, allowing you to search or browse the web quickly and easily on your Apple Watch. One of the standout features of iBrowserWeb is the ability to bookmark and save links, so you don’t have to search for them again later. While the price of $20 may seem steep, it’s important to note that this app may not meet all of your expectations or needs.

Surf the Web on your Apple Watch!!

And here comes the end of this article. I hope you would have got the best Web Browser for your Apple Watch to surf the internet. There are limited free options and among them, the two best ones are Parrity and Webabit.

A similar is also evident in the paid side of the Apple Web Browsers. Though there are also a couple of good ones like µBrowser and Quint Browser.

Share this article with your fellow Apple Watch users who want to access the internet conveniently.

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