How to create partitions in C drive on Windows 11 & 10

partition c drive on windows

You purchased a new laptop PC. After setting it up for the first time you open Windows Explorer to find there is only one Local drive C taking a whopping space i.e. your complete disk space. Immediately tension circulates you, what will happen to my personal data if the windows crash or suddenly the windows corrupt?

As you know it is best to have at least two disk partitions on your PC. If the one containing the windows crashes then the other one containing your data remains safe. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can create a disk partition from your Local Disk C without destroying data in Windows 10 or Windows 11. Without further due, let’s hop on to it.

partition c drive on windows

Steps to create a partition from the C drive

Follow these simple steps to create a partition from the C drive without destroying the data.

Note: It is suggested that please create a backup of your drive in case things go south.

Step 1: Press Windows + R on the keyboard to open Run Window and type the command diskmgmt.msc and click OK or press Enter.

run start

Alternately, Click on the Start menu then search for Disk Management then click on Create and format hard disk partitions and click on Open.

windows search open

Step 2: Disk Management window pops up. Here you will see some System-Reserved Partitions along with the C drive. Right-click on the C drive then click on the Shrink volume from the dropdown menu

partition right click

Step 3: As soon as you hit the Shrink volume option, a Shrink C dialogue box will appear showing the total shrinkable space available on the drive along with the amount to which you want to shrink the C drive. Enter the size (in MegaBytes) to which you want to shrink the C drive and click on the Shrink button.

amount you want to shrink

Step 4: After following step 3 Local Disk C will be shrunk to the space allotted by you and the remaining space will get unallocated.

Head over to the Windows Explorer. There you will see, that Local Disk C has been shrunk to the allocated space.

shrinked voume

Step 5: Again open the Disk Management utility. You will see there is unallocated space that was taken away from the whopping C drive by shrinking it to a particular size.

unallocated space

If you want to make other drives from this unallocated space, then stay with me a little more and I am quickly going to show you.

Create New Partition from the unallocated space

Step 1: Open Up the Disk Management panel by following the step shown above.

Step 2: Now Right-click on the unallocated space and click on the option New Simple Volume from the drop-down menu.

new simple volume making

Step 3: Suddenly a New Simple Volume Wizard appears. Hit the Next button.

new simple volume wizard

Step 4: Just after hitting the Next in the Wizard it will ask for the Drive letter that will be assigned to the New Drive. If your PC has only a C drive then it will automatically assign a D letter to this drive. You can also Enter the letter of your choice. Then click on Next.

give the name to the dirve

Step 5: It will ask for the size of the New Drive. Enter the size in Megabytes as you desire and then click on the Next button.

enter new volume size

Step 6: After asking for the size it will ask for the Name (Volume Label) that you wanna give to your drive for giving it a personal touch. Else it will automatically give it the name New Volume (followed by the drive letter). Click on Next.

Note: The thing that is to be kept in mind here is that there are two options to format the drive or not format the drive. By default, it formats the drive. You should not change it. Let the new drive format itself for its efficient working.

format new partition

Step 7: Now completing a New Single Volume Wizard box welcomes you showing you the summary of the newly created drive. Just click on Finish.

completing the new volume wizard

Voila! your new drive is now ready. Immediately open up Windows Explorer and look there are new friends of C drive, namely D and E.

windows partition in windows explorer

If there is any unallocated space in your drive then you can create more partitions by following the same steps mentioned above again. As I created the E drive right after creating D which is why there are two drives showing alongside C

Bottom Line

Now it’s time to say goodbye. I hope this tutorial solved your problem of having a single whopping C drive and also helped you in creating a new partition from the unallocated space. Please let us know if it was of your help and do tell us what you want us to do more.

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