YouTube Ambient Mode not Working? Try these Fixes!

youtube ambient mode not working

Google-owned YouTube has stepped forward from the normal DarK Mode and offers something it calls the Ambient Mode. But there are many users complaining that the YouTube Ambient Mode is not working for them. If you are also dealing with this issue, then this fixing guide is gonna help you.

youtube ambient mode not working

Here I have provided the tips that will definitely help you in getting the Ambient Mode working on your YouTube app and Web.

What is YouTube Ambient Mode?

YouTube has added a new visual effect to its UI that works in the Dark Mode of YouTube app and web versions. The feature is called the Ambient Mode. And this feature enables the YouTube background to change its color in real time to match the color of the video you are watching.

ambient mode youtube web

This feature is not just visually appealing but also helps in making you indulge in the Video content more deeply. Overall, this is a really awesome feature that also adds more fun to the boring dark mode.

Why is Ambient Mode Not Working on YouTube?

If the Ambient Mode is not working on YouTube for you, then there can be any of the following reasons:

  • YouTube app is not updated.
  • You are not using YouTube in Dark Mode.
  • Ambient Mode is Disabled.
  • You are watching YouTube videos in Theatre Mode.

How to Fix if Ambient Mode is Not Working on YouTube

Based on the possible reasons mentioned above, here are the fixes you can execute to get the Ambient Mode working.

Fix 1: Update YouTube

If the Ambient Mode is not working on your smartphone’s YouTube app, then first make sure that the app is running on the latest version.

Open the App Store for iOS devices and Play Store for Android devices, search for the YouTube app and see if the app is up to date.

If there is an update available, tap on the Update option to install and update the YouTube app. Once the app is updated, launch it and see if you are now able to watch videos with Ambient Mode.

update youtube app ios

Fix 2: Enable Dark Mode

If you don’t know already then let me tell you that the Ambient Mode only works when you use YouTube in dark mode. So if you are expecting the Ambient Mode to work in the Ligh mode then this is not gonna happen. You are required to enable the Dark Mode be it the YouTube app or YouTube web.

Enable Dark Mode in YouTube App

Step 1: Open the YouTube app and tap on your Profile Icon on the top right of the screen.

youtube profile icon

Step 2: Here, go to Settings.

youtube settings

Step 3: On the Settings screen, hit the General option.

youtube general settings

Step 3: Look for the Appearance option and tap on it.

youtube appearance settngs

Step 4: Select the Dark theme option.

enable dark theme youtube

As soon as you enable the Dark theme, the Ambient mode will automatically start working. You might also see a popup notifying you that the Ambient Mode is enabled.

Anbient mode notification

Enable Dark Mode on YouTube Web

Step 1: Open the YouTube web on your browser and click on your profile icon.

Step 2: Now, click on the Appearance option from the list of options that appears.

youtube web appearance

Step 3: Now, select the Dark theme option from the next window.

youtube web dark theme

Your YouTube web page will reload and this time it will be in dark mode. If this is your first time, then you’ll also get a popup notification regarding the Ambient Mode that it’s working.

ambient mode notification youtube web

Fix 3: Enable Ambient Mode

It is possible that even if you are using YouTube in dark mode but the Ambient mode is still not working. If this is so, then it is possible that the Ambient Mode is disabled. To enable Ambient Mode:

Step 1: Open any video on YouTube and tap on the video Settings (gear icon).

Step 2: And from the list of options, toggle on the switch for Ambient Mode.

enable ambient mode

Fix 4: Exit Theatre View

The Ambient Mode on YouTube web doesn’t work if you are watching the videos in Theatre Mode. Hence you’ll have to switch to the Default View in YouTube web to put the Ambient Mode to work.

switch to default view YouTube web

Ambient Mode toggle is not showing?

There are a lot of YouTube users who are complaining that the Ambient Mode toggle to turn it on or off is not showing for them. This is presumably some glitch as the reports from the users say that they were able to see the Ambient Mode option previously.

The issue is YouTube account and device-specific. Some users are able to use the Ambient Mode on either of the two i.e. YouTube web or app. Similarly, some are able to use the Ambient Mode on one of their YouTube Account but not on the other.

If you are also facing the same issue then there is currently no solution for this. Also, there is no official acknowledgment regarding this issue. With that said, you can try reporting this issue to the YouTube support team.

Bottom Line

And there you go! This is how you can get rid of the situation where the Ambient Mode won’t work on your YouTube app or YouTube web platform. The Ambient mode feature is only when you are using YouTube in Dark Mode. Also, if the Ambient Mode is disabled, then enable it. Also, it is required to watch videos in Normal View if you are watching them in Theatre Mode.

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