Fix Google Pixel Bluetooth Audio Not Working (Audio Delay or No Sound)

fix google pixel bluetooth audio not wokring
fix google pixel bluetooth audio not wokring

If you are a Google Pixel smartphone user and are facing weird Bluetooth audio issues like audio delay, or no sound even when the Bluetooth headset is connected, then you are not alone. There are many users whose Google Pixel’s Bluetooth Audio is not working properly. And now when there is a problem, there must also be a solution to this. And to deliver that solution I have written this fixing guide. Here I have discussed some solutions and workarounds that you can try to rectify the issue on your pixel android devide.

Fix no Bluetooth audio on Google Pixel

First, let’s talk about the workarounds to solve the issue where there is no audio from the Bluetooth headset at all.

Fix 1: Disable HD Audio

Many of the pixel users who were going through the Bluetooth audio issues have reported that they were able to solve it by disabling the HD Audio feature from the Bluetooth settings. Though this will impact the wireless audio quality in a negative fashion, you should at least be able to hear some audio from your Bluetooth audio device. After disabling HD Audio, forget and re-pair your Bluetooth headphones and see if you are able to fix the issue.

Fix 2: Factory Reset

If the above solution didn’t work for you then you can try resetting your pixel phone to factory default. A couple of users have shared the experience that they were able to get the no Bluetooth audio issue resolved by performing a factory reset. Go to Settings > Factory Reset Option and follow the procedure to reset your Pixel smartphone.

Fix Bluetooth audio delay on Google Pixel

If your Pixel smartphone is delivering audio via Bluetooth but that audio is featuring some delay then you can try the following workarounds to solve it.

Note: While writing this fixing guide, there is no workaround to solve the audio delay issue. However, I’ll be updating this guide as soon as I get any updates on it.

Fixes to common Bluetooth issues

Besides the Bluetooth no or delayed audio, there are also common connectivity issues that you can solve with the following fixes.

Fix 1: Re-enable Bluetooth

This may sound really simple but in many cases, disabling and then re-enabling the device’s Bluetooth may help. This makes sure to reset the Bluetooth hardware on your smartphone so that there is no glitch or bug in the connectivity of your phone with the Bluetooth headset.

Fix 2: Re-pair Bluetooth headset

Sometimes, the headsets start behaving weirdly even when they are paired to the smartphone for a long time. You should consider unpairing and then re-pairing your Bluetooth headset with your device. Go to Bluetooth, select the Bluetooth headset, and Upair/Forget it. Once the device is unpaired, repair it by searching for the headset and selecting the Pair option.

Fix 3: Reset Bluetooth Headset

Sometimes the issue lies in the Bluetooth headset and hence requires a reset. So resetting the Bluetooth headset might also help in such a case. Resetting the headset is not a general process and can differ from product to product so please consider looking for the reset process for your particular Bluetooth headset online.

Fix 4: Restart the smartphone

It is possible that the bug/glitch in the smartphone is on a bigger level that requires a complete reboot of the system. In such a case, you try restarting your smartphone and then try connecting it.

Fix 5: Clear Bluetooth cache

The cached Bluetooth data can also interfere b/w the normal Bluetooth headset’s functioning. In such a case, you should consider clearing the Bluetooth cache on your Pixel smartphone. Simply go to Settings > Apps > Tap on 3-dot > Show System Apps > Bluetooth > Storage > Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Bottom Line

With that said, here comes the end of this fixing guide and I am hoping that this would have helped you in solving your issue. The Bluetooth audio unavailable or delayed are the problems that the users have reported to be in the existence after the June update. Though there are workarounds for the no audio issue, the delayed audio problem is still untouched. I’ll be having a sharp eye on this issue and will update the fixing guide as soon as there is any workaround available.

Since these issues are occurring after the June update, you should highly consider updating your Pixel device to the latest update. There is currently no official recognition from Google regarding the issue so we can just only hope that the issue will get an official fix in the coming update.

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