2 Ways to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription on Android

cancel paramount plus on android

When you want to watch CBS prime-time shows worldwide without the antenna, you need a Paramount Plus subscription and access to a high-speed internet connection. Paramount plus is an excellent streaming service that offers many great shows. But it may happen that you want to cancel your paramount plus subscription on your android phone or TV, then follow this guide.

cancel paramount plus on android

How to Cancel your Paramount+ Subscription on Android

Not everyone likes everything. Overtime you don’t want to watch Paramount Plus shows then you can cancel the subscription or free trial before you get charged on your Android device by following these simple steps:

Note: This guide works both for Android phones and Android TVs.

Step 1: Open the Play Store by tapping on the Play Store app icon in the app menu.

play store menu

Step 2: When the Play Store opens tap on the Profile pic at the top right corner.

android paramount plus 1

Step 3: Now look for Payments & subscriptions and tap on it.

android paramount plus 2

Step 4: Tap on Subscriptions.

android paramount plus 3

Step 5: After tapping on the Subscriptions option, a list of all the Google Play subscriptions shows up. Here, look for Paramount+ and tap on it.

Step 6: Finally tap on the Cancel Subscription option (or Cancel Free Trial).

Step 7: Finally, select the appropriate option if asked for confirmation to cancel the subscription, and you are done.

Cancel Paramount Plus by calling Google

If you’re not comfortable with the Play Store subscription method to cancel your Paramount Plus membership, then there is also an alternate way to do the same on your Android device.

Simply, give a call to Google at (855) 836-3987 and follow the automated voice menu process to cancel Paramount Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I cancel my Paramount+ subscription on Android?

You can easily cancel your Paramount Plus subscription by going to the Play Store on your Android device. In the Play Store app go to Profile icon > Payments & subscriptions > Subscriptions > Paramount Plus > Cancel Subscription.

How do I cancel my Paramount Plus Subscription from the Paramount app?

The Paramount app doesn’t offer the option to cancel its Plus subscription from within itself. You’ll have to cancel the subscription from the Play Store if you are on Android or from the App Store if on an iOS device.

Can I cancel the Paramount Plus Free Trial Subscription?

Absolutely yes. You can cancel the Paramount Plus Free Trial subscription at any time you want.

Bottom Line

By following the above steps you can cancel your Paramount Plus subscription on any Android device. As you see the process is very simple so it might not be difficult for you to do this. Tell us if you face any problems in following this guide.

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