How to Download & Install HyperTerminal on Windows 11 & 10

hyperterminal on windows

HyperTerminal was one of the best ways to interconnect computers and electronic devices via serial ports. But that was up until Windows XP as Microsoft dropped out the program from their Windows OSes after that. But many Windows users miss HyperTerminal and want it back on their Windows 11 and 10 PCs.

And the good part is that the Hillgraeve company which was responsible for making HyperTerminal still exists and is selling the program to its nowadays users. If you are behind the HyperTerminal program, then this guide is going to help you a lot. Here, I am going to show you how you can download and install HyperTerminal on your modern Windows PCs.

hyperterminal on windows

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What is HyperTerminal?

The HyperTerminal is a classic software program that lets Windows users set up a dial-up connection with other computers via the internal modem using Telnet. It can also be used for accessing the bulletin board system on another PC.

The HyperTerminal connection can be used to transfer data between the computers, and control the serial ports on the devices or system that also includes scientific tools, radio communication devices, etc.

The same program also lets the user troubleshoot modem-related issues on the system by sending some commands. Windows XP was the last Windows OS featuring the HyperTerminal program.

IT professionals can also use HyperTerminal to troubleshoot any issues when setting up and using a modem. IT can send commands through HyperTerminal to make sure the modem is properly connected.

Windows XP was the last Windows OS featuring HyperTerminal and could be accessed at Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal.

HyperTerminal for Windows 11 and 10

Despite the exclusion of HyperTerminal from Windows 7 and later, the program is up and available for the latest Windows versions. The parent company Hilgraeve still sells the HyperTerminal copies to the needy ones. As the successor of the HyperTerminal program, the HyperTerminal Private Edition (HTPE) is the latest version of the program that you can buy.


The HyperTerminal Private Edition can be purchased and downloaded from Hilgraeve’s official website for $69.99 along with extended support and maintenance for an extra $20. You also get an option to get the program loaded on a CD for an extra $10 price if you are in the US.

The same company also offers the HyperACCESS program on its website. It is an advanced version of the HyperTerminal Private Edition and is available for $169.99. At this price, you get access to more powerful features like advanced customization and scripting capabilities and an additional terminal emulator.


How to get HyperTerminal for Free?

The HyperTerminal program is owned by Hilgraeve and actually comes at a price if you want it to be on your new Windows PC. But there is a way by which you can have it for free without any issue.

As I told you that Windows XP was the last Windows version having the HyperTerminal program, you can extract the same if you have access to an active Windows XP installation. Having a Windows XP installation CD would also do the trick here.

The process includes a simple copy and paste of two HyperTerminal files from Windows XP to your new Windows version. Here’s how you can do this.

Step 1: Boot into Windows XP.

Step 2: Navigate to C:\Program Files\Windows NT\ and copy the hypertrm.exe file from here to a remote location.

Step 3: Now, navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ and copy the hypertrm.dll file from here and paste it along with the previously extracted hypertrm.exe file.

Now you have two files: hypertrm.exe and hypertrm.dll files. You are now good to go as you can transfer these two files to any Windows PC to get the HyperTerminal up and running. Simply launch the hypertrm.exe files to use the HyperTerminal program on your Windows 10 or 11 PC.

hyperterminal files

Note: In order to use HyperTerminal from the extracted files, make sure to place both files in the same folder location.

PuTTY: A HyperTerminal Alternative

If you are not getting the confidence to spend money on the HyperTerminal program to get its access, you can have PuTTY. PuTTY is the best and a highly recommended alternative to HyperTerminal and can be downloaded and used for free.


It is a free and open-source program that hands over its SSH and Telnet abilities to you. The PuTTY program has been developed by Simon Tatham and can be downloaded from here. All you need to have a COM port on your PC and you are good to go to use PuTTY.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does HyperTerminal work with Windows 11?

Yes, the HyperTerminal program works flawlessly on the new Windows 11. You just need to have the program available on your Windows PC as it doesn’t come pre-installed.

How do I open HyperTerminal in Windows 11?

The HyperTerminal program doesn’t come pre-installed nowadays and you’ll need to have it downloaded from Hilgraeve’s website. Then simply install the program and open it.

Can I use PuTTY instead of HyperTerminal?

Yes, definitely you can use PuTTY as an alternative to HyperTerminal. The PuTTY is completely free and open-source. You just need to have a COM port on your PC.

How do I get HyperTerminal?

HyperTerminal program is available on Hilgraeve’s website and can be purchased for $69.99. However, to get HyperTerminal for free, you can extract the hypertrm.exe and hypertrm.dll files from an active Windows XP PC.

Bottom Line

And there you go! That was all for this guide and I hope you would have got your HyperTerminal-related answers to all the queries. The HyperTerminal is a pretty useful program by Microsoft has replaced it with the Advanced Serial Port Terminal which is comparatively more flexible and comes with enhanced functionality. Moreover, HyperTerminal is paid program and hence I would recommend you to use PuTTY as an alternative.

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