How to Play Gomoku on iMessage using GamePegion

how to play gomoku on imessage
how to play gomoku on imessage

Gomoku is one of the best board games that one can play to have a strong experience of entertainment and ming exercise at the same time. And, it is digitally possible to play this classic game without even worrying about things like social distancing and all. It is as simple as you can even play it in your Apple iMessage.

Yes, you read it right. If you have never played any game on iMessage before then this guide to How to Play Gomoku on iMessage is gonna be a really fascinating one. Don’t pre-judge that playing games on iMessage are gonna be a hard and lengthy process. Instead, it is actually a pretty simple and straightforward process.

You will even not have to wait for the other person to come online in order to begin the game session. You can just start the game whenever you want. Also, there is no need to play the game in one go. You can play the game whenever you want. You get an iMessage on your Apple device that it’s your turn to make the move.

Simply go online, see what moves your opponent has made, play accordingly, and send the iMessage to your opponent as it’s his turn. It’s actually cool, convenient, and flexible to play such games on iMessage. Isn’t it? With that being said, let’s see how we can play Gomoku on iMessage.

How to Install Gomoku in iMessage

Since we are going to play the game in iMessage, we’ll first have to install the game i.e. Gomoku on it. The Gomoku and a ton of other games are actually only playable within the iMessage app and are not available to be played as a standalone app on your device. To install the game on iMessage:

1. Open the iMessage app on your iPhone/iPad and open a conversation thread in it. For this, you can open an existing chat or can start a completely new one.

2. Once the conversation thread is open, tap on the “App Store” icon, located to the left of the text field. This will open the available options for iMessage apps underneath.

3. From the list of options, tap on the App Store icon.

4. Here, click on the search icon and search for GamePigeon. GamePigeon is a collection of a lot of 2-player games that you can play in iMessage, including Gomoku.

5. Tap on the “Get” button. This will add GamePigeon to the roster of your iMessage apps.

How to Play Gomoku in iMessage

Now, when you have added GamePigeon to iMessage, you can play Gomoku in it. Let’s see how.

1. After installing GamePigeon, close the App Store panel and come back to the App Drawer of the iMessage.

2. In the iMessage app drawer, swipe accordingly to find GamePigeon and tap on it.

3. Under the GamePigeon’s Games tab, you will see a list of a lot of games that you can play. Here, swipe down and tap on Gomoku.

4. As soon as you’ll tap on Gomoku, the game will get loaded within the message text field.

5. Tap on the Send button to send the game invite. Upon sending the invite, the other person will get the chance to make the first game move.

Gomoku Game Rules

You are all set to play Gomoku in iMessage with your message partner. And here’s how you can play the game with set rules.

The iMessage Gomoku consists of a 12×12 grid along with a set of black and white stones. The game assigns the Black stones to Player 1 automatically, leaving the white stones for Player 2 obviously. Both players get alternate chances to place their respective colored stones on the intersection of the grids. The whole objective of the game is to make a set of 5 stones placed consecutively one after the other in a straight line or crossword.

To play the turn, place the stone on the grid intersection and tap on the Send button. You are freely allowed to change the position of the stones an endless number of times before tapping on the Send button.

The one who manages to place the 5 stones consecutively horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins the game session. In addition to making your set of 5 stones, you also have to block your opponent’s stones from forming the winning pattern.

Tip: The player who gets to make the first game move, traditionally enjoys an increased chance of winning over the other player. Hence, if you are planning to play Gomoku on iMessage with your friend, make them invite you so that you can have the first chance.

Gomoku is definitely a really fun game that incorporates a good amount of fun, entertainment, and brain stimulation. It is challenging enough to not get bored and to provide a good level of stimulation to the brain. I am hoping that this guide was a really interesting one for you and you’ll be playing Gomoku on iMessage with your friends to kill some free time.

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