Fix “Unable to connect to a data center” Error in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

fix unable to connect to a data center

A lot of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile players are experiencing the “Unable to connect to a data center” or “Timed out waiting for data centers” error while trying to play a match. This is making the players not play the game even after having all the requirements.

If you are also facing this issue then here are a couple of things that you can do to resolve the issue.

fix unable to connect to a data center

How to Fix if Warzone Mobile is unable to connect to a Data Center

Activision is on a rage to dominate the mobile Battel Royale sector as the company has launched the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. The game is a cross-platform multiplayer Battle Royale title that is going to serve as an equally awesome experience for Android and iOS users as well.

But if you are not able to connect to the data center to start any match, you can try the below-mentioned fixes.

1. Retry

The game is fairly new and has been released to just Australian users. Hence there is a very small number of players who are playing the Warzone Mobile. Hence if you are not able to connect to the server then you should retry a couple of times.

2. Restart the Game

Restarting the game is one of the primary fixes that works great for fixing common issues like this one. Restart the game on your Android or iOS device by completely closing it from the recent apps and then relaunching it. Once the game is relaunched, see if you are able to play the game.

3. Check your Internet connection

Having loose or inconsistent Internet connectivity is something that can’t be tolerated in battle royale games. Hence ensure that you are connected to the internet properly and your device is sufficiently close to your Wi-Fi router. If possible, I would advise you to restart your Wi-Fi modem, and router and reconnect the Ethernet cable if you are using a wired internet connection.

4. Use a reliable VPN

A lot of CoD fans are playing the Warzone Mobile on their smartphone by using a VPN as the game is only available for Australian regions. In that case, please ensure to use a reliable VPN that can offer proper, genuine, and stable connectivity with the Australian servers.

I advise you to have a paid VPN service like Tunnel Bear, Nord VPN, etc. But if you are attracted to free VPNs then below is the list of free ones that we have tested on our mobile devices.

5. Switch to other VPN servers

If you are facing an issue with the current Australian server you are connected to, then consider connecting to other Australian servers listed there. Most VPN applications offer multiple servers for each country. Hence if one server connection is not serving the purpose, try switching to the second one, then the third one, and so on.

6. Wait for a while

It is possible that the Warzone Mobile servers are not working properly at the moment. In that case, you should choose to sit back and wait for a couple of hours and try again.

Bottom Line

And this is how you can get rid of the “Unable to connect to a data center” and “Timed out connecting to the data center” errors on your Warzone Mobile game. The game is currently available in Australia and there is a lot more to optimize within the game. So, connectivity issues are something you’ll have to tolerate at the moment.

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