Auepuf.exe/Auepuc.exe Explained | Is it safe for Windows 11 or 10?

Auepuf.exe Auepuc.exe Explained What it is and is it safe to have in Windows 11 10
Auepuf.exe Auepuc.exe Explained What it is and is it safe to have in Windows 11 10

If you are a cautious Windows user and keep your eye on the Windows Task Manager then there are high chances that you come across a variety of background processes every now and then. There are a ton of processes and exe files that run in the background continuously to keep the system working properly.

And among these background processes, Auepuf.exe is also one that stays in the background and works silently. A lot of Windows 11 and Windows 10 users have noticed this process and are very curious and even afraid of this process and want the answers like what Auepuf.exe is. Is it malware? Is it safe to have this process running on the PC? and whatnot?

Well, if you are one of those users, then bear with me and I’ll explain what the Auepuf.exe process is. And will also answer the FAQs related to it.

What is Auepuf.exe?

The term Auepuf.exe contains the extension “.exe” which means it is an executable Windows file. The executable files i.e. the files with .exe at the end are also commonly used to spread virus/malware into PCs. But as for this specific file, there is no such issue. The Auepuf.exe file is actually associated with AMD, the well-known CPU, and GPU manufacturer brand.

The Auepuf.exe file is the executable file that is used to execute the AMD User Experience Program User Session Info Collector background process and is run by the Auepuc.exe software file. The AMD User Experience Program directly doesn’t directly benefit any of the computer processing.

It is just used by AMD to track the working and errors encountered by the AMD components installed in your PC so that the company can improve the hardware in either future hardware launches or software updates.

Is Auepuf.exe safe? Is it a virus or malware?

As I have already told you this is an executable file from AMD and is used to run the AMD User Experience User Session Info Collector process, there is nothing suspicious to look at in this file as long as the file is legit.

And by the work legit, I mean that if the Auepuf.exe file is original. There are a number of Malware and Viruses, that camouflage and make themselves look like some kind of legit background process. The same case can also be with your Auepuf.exe file.

If the process is hogging a lot of memory or CPU resources, or even your internet network then this is a red flag and you should look at it.

You can identify whether the Auepuf.exe file that is running in the background is original or not. This can be done primarily by checking its file location. The original Auepuf.exe file associated with AMD lies originally in the following path:

C:\Program Files\AMD\Performance Profile Client\Auepuc.exe

And at the Auepuc.exe located here, is the actual software which is responsible for running the Auepuf.exe background process

To check if the Auepuf.exe process that is running on your PC actually belongs to the original Auefuc.exe software file or AMD and is not associated with any malicious one:

1. Search and open the Task Manager.

2. Look for Auepuf.exe and right-click on it. Select Properties.

3. Switch to the Digital Signatures tab.

4. From the Signature list select the signature and click on Details.

5. Now, click on View Certificate.

6. If in the certificate, the listed details belong to AMD company then the service is genuine.

Also, if you don’t have any AMD component on your PC like the CPU or GPU, then there is thing to suspect as there is no point to have the Auepuf.exe or the Auepuc.exe running and appearing in the Task Manager.

How to remove/uninstall Auepuf.exe?

The Auefuf.exe or the Auepuc.exe are not system processes and don’t contribute to the system’s performance or functionality directly by any means. Hence you can say that these are not the essential processes that are required for the proper functioning of the PC.

Also, if you were unable to find whether the Auepuf.exe/Auepuf.exe file is legit or if any of these is acting a lot of system memory, CPU, or network bandwidth it is a good idea to remove or uninstall it from the PC.

Here’s how you can uninstall Auepuf.exe from your PC.

1. The Auepuf.exe process is associated with the Auepuc.exe software program and in order to remove it we’ll have to uninstall the Auepuc.exe program.

There should be an AUEPUC_uninstall.exe file located in the install directory of the Auepuc.exe file i.e.

C:\Program Files\AMD\Performance Profile Client\Auepuc.exe

2. Hence, you can navigate to this location in the file explorer and run the AUEPUC_uninstall.exe file as administrator.

3. Then follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall it.

4. You can also search and open the Control Panel and head over to Uninstall a program.

5. Select the AUEPUC.exe program and click on Uninstall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I stop the AUEPUF.exe process?

    You can stop the Auepuf.exe process from the Task Manager. But if you want a permanent solution and want to remove it from the PC, head over to the Control Panel, then Uninstall a program and double-click on the Auepuc.exe file.

  2. Is AUEPUF.exe a Virus or Malware?

    No, the Aurpuf.exe is a process associated with the AUEPUC.EXE software program. This Program is used by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.) to run the AMD User Experience Program User Session Info Collector background process. But some malware tr viruses mimic themselves to look like legit background processes hence t it is highly advised to check their certificate.

  3. Is AUEPUF.exe causing High Disk Usage?

    If you are suspecting that the AUEPUF.exe is causing an unusually High disk usage on the PC then you can check it on your own. Search and open the Task Manager and under the Process tab, look at how much disk is being used and which process is using it the most.

  4. Is AUEPUF causing High CPU Usage?

    If you are suspecting that the AUEPUF.exe is causing an unusually high CPU usage on your PC then you can check it. Simply open the Task Manager and under the Process tab, look at how much CPU is being used and which process is using it the most.

  5. Is AUEPUF causing High Network Usage?

    If you want to check if the AUEPUF.exe process is using an unusually high Network bandwidth on your PC then you can do it from the Windows Task Manager. Simply open the Task Manager and under the Process tab, look at how much Network is being used and which process is using it the most.

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