Monitor real-time Framerates Using these 7 Best FPS Counters for Windows

FPS Counters for Windows
FPS Counters for Windows

Monitoring the FPS has always been one of the basic things for geeks. If you are a beginner then here are the Best FPS Counters for Windows 11 and 10 that you can use to keep track of the real-time framerates while gaming.

Monitoring the FSP on your system gives you a much clear picture of what is how fast things are going on your monitor. It helps a lot in monitoring the framerates of games, or while benchmarking the CPU or GPU of the system.

And to monitor the FPS while gaming or benchmarking your Windows system, you’ll need a Frames Per Second (FPS) counter. An FPS counter displays the real-time data of how many frames per second are being delivered by your system.

List of the 7 Best FPS Counters for Your Windows PC

FPS Counters are a good way to get a clear picture of how your Windows PC is performing in-game and what are the exact framerates your hardware is delivering. Here are the 7 best FPS Counters that you can try on your Windows 10 or 11 PC to monitor the FPS of your system.


Starting the list with the most popular and classic one, the FRAPS. FRAPS is one of the oldest and most successful FPS Counter for Windows platforms which were launched back in 1999 and can be used for free for monitoring the framerates till today.

FRAPS also provides the features to record the screen and take screenshots. But for that, FRAPS is needed to be purchased as in the free version features like loop recording is not available, screen recording is limited to 30fps screenshots are saved in BMP format, etc.

However, if your only purpose is to monitor the FPS of your system, there is no need to spend any kind of money can you can use FRAPS for a free lifetime.

2. FPS Monitor

Feeling old school using FRAPS and looking for something that is more modern and matched with the current modern computer era? Try FPS Monitor. With a pretty simple and straightforward name, its features and functionalities are just the opposite of that.

It has a ton of features and customizability that were missing in FRAPS. The FPS Monitor app provides UI to customize the FPS overlay like its font, font color, spacing b/w the components, addition or removal of components, etc.

And all these features are available in the free trial version. If you like the software and want to have all the features unlocked, you can purchase it.

3. Dxtory

If you’re looking for software that is similar to FRAPS then you can try Dxtory. Sounds like someone has shortened the name Dextor’s Laboratory. Isn’t it? Maybe the parent company, ExKode Co. Ltd. is quite obsessed with the childhood cartoon.

Anyways, this is yet another reliable and popular software that can be used to record the screen, and gameplay, and take display screenshots. Besides being idle for capturing DirectX and OpenGL game videos, the software can also be used for the purpose of knowing the real-time data of your framerates.

Like FRAPS, Dxtory is also a paid software but can be used under its free trial for the core purpose of monitoring the framerates of the system.

4. BandiCam Screen Recorder

I am personally a BandiCam user and have used it a lot to record my gameplays and have also used it for monitoring the framerates while playing the games. Bandicam is majorly a screen recording software as its name suggests but it also shows overlays of the FPS counter on the display.

It has a Game recording mode that provides the FPS overlay on the screen. It has a free version that can be used to use it for FPS counting along with some extra screen and screenshot recording features.

You can also try its paid version if you want to use it completely.

5. Razer Cortex

Razer is a well-known brand and is considered one of the best among PC gamers. Well, besides gaming PC components, the company also provides Razer Cortex, a free game booster program from the company to improve the games’ performance.

The program provides enhanced in-game performance by closing non-essential processes, freeing up RAM, and making the PC allot the majority of the processing power to the game.

The program is capable of not just providing you fps counter but also a real-time graph mentioning the highest, lowest, and average frame rates.

6. GeForce Experience

Nvidia is a pioneer in desktop GPUs. The majority of gaming PCs around the world are using Nvidia GPUs for the best possible gaming performance. And where the company provides a whole-soul GPU for PCs, it’s not a big thing that you get to see gaming performance monitoring software from the company as well.

Yes, the GeForce Experience is the software from Nvidia that can be used for monitoring the performance and framerates while gaming. But it is important to know that you must have an Nvidia GPU on your PC to use this software.

It also helps in improving gaming performance and managing your Nvidia GPU’s data and drivers.

7. RadeonPro

Besides Nvidia, AMD is another chip giant that also has captured a big chunk of the GPU market. If you are using AMD’s Radeon GPU on your PC then AMD also provides its in-house software like Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. AMD called it the RadeonPro.

This software is just the alternative to GeForce Experience for Radeon GPU users. It just works in the same way and helps in improving the GPU performance, leading to overall in-game performance improvements.

Similarly, the same software can also be used for monitoring the FPS of your system.

Here comes the end of this list of best FPS Counters for Windows systems. All of the listed FPS Counters can be used in both Microsoft Windows 11 and Windows 10. You can use any of the aforementioned software for the purpose to monitor the framerates.

All of these are completely free until the FPS Monitoring is your only purpose. However, for things like capturing screenshots and gameplay, software like FRAPS, FPS Monitor, and Dxtory asks for purchases.

Whereas the GeForce Experience and Razer Cortex are free ones with all the features baked-in and can be used without any restrictions.

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