How to cancel Paramount+ Plus Subscription on Apple TV & Mac

cancel paramount plus subscription on apple pv and mac

When you want to watch CBS prime-time shows worldwide without the antenna, you need a Paramount+ Subscription and a high-speed internet connection. Paramount+ is an excellent streaming service that offers many great shows. But it may happen that you want to cancel your paramount plus subscription on your Apple TV and Mac, then follow the guide.

cancel paramount plus subscription on apple pv and mac

How to cancel Paramount+ Subscription on Apple TV and Mac

Not everyone likes everything. Over time you don’t want to watch Paramount+ shows then you can cancel the subscription or free trial before you get charged on your Apple TV and Mac. We will discuss the steps to cancel the Paramount+ subscription for both Apple TV and Mac one by one:

1. Cancelling Paramount+ Subscription on Apple TV

If you have Subscribed to Paramount+ on your Apple TV, then you can follow the following steps to cancel the subscription.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Apple TV.

apple tv settings icon

Step 2: Now open Users and Accounts.

apple tv1

Step 3: Select your account in the Default user or Additional user (wherever your name appears) section.

apple tv 2n

Step 4: Now scroll down to the Manage section and select Subscriptions.

apple tv3n

Step 5: In the Active section select Paramount+ subscription.

apple tv4

Step 6: Select Cancel Subscription or Cancel Trial.

apple tv5

After this, your Paramount+ Subscription will be canceled after the time period of your Paramount+ Subscription finishes.

2. Cancelling Paramount+ Subscription on Mac.

If you purchased the paramount+ Subscription on Mac, then to cancel it follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Apple App store.

apple store on iMac

Step 2: Select your Apple ID name in the bottom left corner.


Step 3: Now select Account Settings.


Step 4: Move on to the Manage section and select Manage next to Subscriptions.


Step 5: Click on Edit next to Paramount+ and select Cancel Subscription on the next page.


After confirming your Paramount+ Subscription will be canceled after a certain period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I cancel my Parmount+ Subscription on Android TV?

You can cancel the Paramount+ Subscription by using the Play store. In the Play Store app go to Profile icon > Payments & Subscription > Subscription > Paramount Plus > Cancel Subscription.

Can I cancel the Paramount+ Subscription using its official website?

If you have signed up for Paramount+ on a smart TV, gaming console, or web browser, then you can cancel the subscription using the Paramount+ official website.

Can I buy a Paramount+ subscription again after canceling?

Yes, Absolutely. There is no bar on no. of times a person cancels and buys the subscription. You can cancel it at your will and buy it at your will.

Bottom Line

So this is the end of the line. Here you saw how you can cancel your Parmount+ Subscription on Apple TV and iMac by following the above-mentioned steps. I hope it was useful to you. Do tell us.

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