Circling Arrows on iPhone/iPad: What Does It Mean & How To Fix

circling arrows iphone
circling arrows iphone

If you own an iPhone or iPad and are curious or worried about the circling arrows or the rotating arrows icon on the top of the status bar then you must go through this guide. Here, I am going to discuss this circling arrows icon. What it is? Why is it there on the status bar? Should I be worried about the circling arrows icon? and other related queries.

Circling Arrows Icon on iPhone and iPad Explained

The circling arrows that appear on the Apple devices are continuously spinning, that directly signifies that whatever this icon is depcting, is being performed in realtime. And indeed, this is right. Apple uses this icon durimng the syncimg process on its iPhones and iPads.

That means if you are seeing the circling arrows on the statuis bar, that means your iPhone or iPad is Syncing. Apple is very well kwonw for its ecosystem and this experience of seamless continuity b/w the Apple devices is done via syncing. Syncing implies that your data (Images, Videos, Files, etc.) are being copied from your iPhone/iPad to your PC (Windows or Mac) and vice versa.

If you use iTunes on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, then this syncing process also takes place for that PC as well to a good level of extend. Periodic syncing process ensures that your data is backed up and up to date.

This syncing yakes palce on two manners.

  • One is wirelessly by using a Wi-Fi connection, and the other
  • Wired, by connecting your iPhone or iPad to the PC or Mac.

The circling arrows will appear during syncing of both kinds.

Wireless Syncing

The wireless sysncing uses a common Wi-Fi connection b/w the devices to sync the data. In order to have the woreless sysncing:

  1. Your PC should be turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi connection to which your iPhone or iPad are connected. Also, if you have a Mac running on macOS Mojave or earlier or if you have a Windows PC, then you’ll need to have iTunes open on the computer system.
  2. Your iPad or iPhone should be connected to a power outlet.

Wired Syncing

As you can guess from its name, this method requires your iPhone or iPad to connect to the PC via a wired connection i.e. a USB Cable. In this method, Finder (on Mac) or iTunes (on Windows) is used to sync thr data b/w the devices.

Sync using Finder

On macOS Catelina and later, you can use the Finder app to sync the data b/w your Mac and iPhone/iPad. To do so:

  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac via an appropriate USB cable.
  • Open Finder.
  • Select your connected iPhone/iPad from the left pane of Finder’s window.
  • Decide what you want to sync by checmarking their boxes.
  • Finally click on Apply.

Sync using iTunes

You will have to use iTunes for syncing if you are on Windows or on a Mac that is running masOS Mojave or earlier. To sync using iTunes:

  • Connect the iPhone/ipad using the USB Cable.
  • Open iTunes on your PC/Mac.
  • Select your device in iTunes.
  • Now, select the content that you wanna sync.
  • Check mark the Sync box and finally click on Apply.

Bottom Line

So that’s all that I had for you guys in this guide. I am hoping thta you’ll not panic from now onwards upon seeing the ciurcling arrows on the status bar of your iOS device. The rotating arrows simply indicates that your iPhone/iPad’s data is being sysnced with your Mac/Windows PC and vice versa. This is nothing to worry about and once the syncing is finished, this icon will also get disappeared.

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