Fix: Color Widgets not working on iPhone in iOS 16/15

color widgets app not working

Widgets are an integral part of iOS customization and the Color Widget serves the purpose of adding stylized widgets to the home screen very gracefully. The app lets you add a variety of informative widgets, not just enhancing the look but also adding the convenience of having a bird’s eye view of the important data from those widgets.

With that said, it can be frustrating for you guys if the app is not working on your iOS 16 device. There have been instances where the users are not able to use the Color Widgets app as it is not working for them. If you are also one of those, then stick around to this fixing guide and I’ll share some important checks to perform in such a situation along with the different fixes for the same.

color widgets app not working

Fix the Color Widgets app on iOS 16

before heading towards any conclusion or fix, I would advise you to do a couple of preliminary checks. As the Color Widgets app offers a ton of control over the widgets customization, it is possible that some internal setting of the widget is causing it not to appear on the home screen.

The same applies to different information on the widgets like the battery info, time formats, etc. If you are having issues with these, then it would be definitely beneficial in solving the issue.

Fix 1: Check the Color Widgets settings

Below are the important Color Widgets settings that you should check if the problem is related to the time format, temperature unit, battery percentage, etc.

Step 1: Open your Color Widgets app and go to Settings > Widget Settings.

Step 2: You’ll now see a number of widgets-related settings.

1. To change the widget time format, tap on the 12 hr Time or 24 hr Time depending on your preference.

time format color widgets settings

2. To change the temperature unit, select the ˚ Fahrenheit or ˚ Celcius as per your choise of unit.

temperature color widgets settings

3. To show or hide battery percentage on the widget, select the Show battery or Hide battery accordingly.

battery percentage color widgets settings

4. If your widget photos are looking dark, you can change it by selecting the Original Photo option and vice versa.

darken photo color widgets settings

Fix 2: Force Restart your iPhone

If the Color Widgets is behaving abnormally due to some minor glitch in the iOS, a simple force restart of your iPhone can help.

Step 1: Press and release the volume-up button of your iPhone quickly.

Step 2: Then, press and quickly release the volume down button.

Step 3: Lastly, hold down the iPhone’s side button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Fix 3: Check for the app update

It is possible that your iPhone is having an older version of the Color Widgets app. In that case, the abnormal functioning of the app can become pretty common. Hence keep your eye on the update. The same is also helpful if the app itself is having some bugs from the developer’s end, as the update will most probably fix them.

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone and tap on your Apple ID image icon on the top right of the screen.

app store profile picture

Step 2: On the next screen, navigate to the app you are facing the issue with and tap on the Update option located next to it.

update color widgets app

Fix 4: Update your iPhone

The new iOS 16 is quite new for the system and hence there can be occasional glitches and incompatibility issues that you can get to experience. Hence you should always keep your eye on the latest available update for your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to General and then Software Update.

iphone settings
iphone settings

Step 2: If there is an update available, go ahead and download, and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Update software on your iPhone

Fix 5: Disable Low Power Mode

The low power mode on the iOS 16 restricts the non-essential things to save as much battery juice as possible. Hence if you have enabled the Low Power Mode on your iPhone, consider disabling it.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and navigate to Battery.

Step 2: Here, you’ll see the Low Power Mode toggle. Switch that toggle to off.

enable low power mode
enable low power mode

Fix 6: Disable Low Data Mode

It is possible that the Low Data Mode is enabled on your iPhone which is limiting the data access for the Color Widgets app. Hence you should consider disabling the Low Data Mode.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Cellular.

Step 2: On the Cellular settings page, tap on Cellular Data Options.

Step 3: Here, toggle the switch of the Low Data Mode to off.

disable low data mode

Fix 7: Try changing the Region and Device language

Changing the Region and language can also help in resolving the issue as it will lead to the restart of some background processes on the iPhone. Hence you can try temporarily changing the language and region.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to General > Language & Region.

Step 2: On the Language & Region settings page, tap on the Region option and set a different region.

Step 3: Now, tap on the Add Language… option and select a different suitable language that is understandable for you.

change language and region

Once you have successfully changed the region and language of your iPhone, perform a force restart and try using the Color Widgets app. You can now revert back the region and language of your iPhone to the original ones.

Fix 8: Enable Background App Refresh

The widgets constantly run in the background in order to serve the up to date information. Hence if the Background App Refresh is disabled on your iPhone, it can limit the Color Widgets app widgets to not work properly.

Step 1: Open up the Settings app and go to General.

settings general ios 16

Step 2: On the General settings page, tap on the Background App Refresh option.

background app refresh

Step 3: On the Background App Refresh screen, check if the Background App Refresh option is set to On. If it is not, then tap on it and select the Wi-Fi & Cellular Data option to enable Background App Refresh to work on both the network connections.

background app refresh options

Step 4: After enabling the Background App Refresh, again come back to the previous screen, scroll down and make sure the toggle for the Color Widgets app is enabled. If it is not then switch it to on.

Fix 9: Remove and Re-add your widget

If your widget is constantly showing the wrong info or is not updating in real-time, you should consider removing and re-adding that widget.

Step 1: Long press on your concerned widget.

Step 2: Tap on Remove Widget and confirm the removal by finally tapping on Remove.

remove widget ios 16

Step 3: Now, give your iPhone a restart.

Step 4: Now, long press on your home screen and tap on the Plus (+) icon.

Step 5: Select the Color Widgets app and add the widget.

Fix 10: Try adding another widget

Assuming that your concerned widget is experiencing some bug, you can try using a different widget as a replacement for it. This will also help us in knowing if the widget is problematic or the Color Widgets app.

Step 1: Long press on your home screen and tap on the Plus (+) icon.

Step 5: Select the Color Widgets app and add a different widget. You can also tap on the Add Widget option in order to create a new one if you don’t have multiple already in the app.

color widget add widget

Fix 11: Reinstall the Color Widgets app

Maybe the Color Widgets app is facing some issues with the stored cache or background services. You can consider reinstalling the app to eliminate such issues.

Step 1: Long press on the Color Widgets app.

Step 2: Tap on Delete App and confirm the deletion by again tapping on Delete.

Step 3: Restart your iPhone.

Step 4: Now, open the App Store, search for Color Widgets app and install it.

Fix 12: Reset All Settings on iPhone

Issues with the system settings can also cause unexpected problems. Hence you can consider resetting all the iPhone settings to their default.

Step 1: Launch the Settings app and go to General.

ios settings general fix photo shuffle

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

transfer or reset iphone settings

Step 3: Here, tap on the Reset option.

reset iphone settings

Step 4: On the popup list of options, tap on the Reset All Settings option.

reset all settings iOS 16

Doing so will make your iPhone reboot with all the settings to go as default ones. Once done, try the Color Widgets app and see if the issue is resolved.

Fix 13: Reset your iPhone

As the last option to solve the issue, you can try resetting your iPhone as a whole. This erases all the data and cache and saved settings, making the software as new as it was when you bought the phone.

Note: Resetting the iPhone will delete all the saved data, hence it is advised to create a backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

Step 1: Tap on the Settings app on the iPhone and go to General.

ios settings general fix photo shuffle

Step 2: Tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option at the bottom.

transfer or reset iphone settings

Step 3: On the next screen, select the Erase All Content and Settings option.

delete all data ios 16

Step 4: Tap on Continue to confirm that you are aware of what you are doing i.e. resetting your iPhone.

continue erasing content

Step 5: You’ll now be asked for the passcode in order to proceed further. Likewise, enter your password.

enter your passcode

Step 6: Now, enter the login credentials of your Apple ID in order to turn off Find My on the iPhone.

enter your apple id password

Step 7: After entering your Apple ID credentials correctly, tap on the Turn Off option on the top right corner of the screen.

turn off after enter apple id password

Step 8: Finally, tap on the Erase option.

Doing so will restart your iPhone and will erase all the data and settings completely. Once the phone boots up, set it up and see if the issue is resolved.

Bottom Line

And here comes the end of this fixing guide and I am hoping that you would be able to get the Color Widgets app issue resolved. If the app is not working then reinstalling it would probably fix it. But if the widgets are not working or updating, then fixes like re-adding the widgets, enabling the Background App Refresh, Disabling the Low Data Mode, etc. would help. Faulty settings can also cause the issue, hence resetting all iPhone settings is also a good choice as a resolution.

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