How to turn off Core Sync on Mac & solve high CPU usage

turn off cloud sync
turn off cloud sync

A couple of Mac users are facing high CPU usage on their machines due to the Core Sync background process. And to solve the high CPU usage issue, one of the ways is to turn off the Core Sync process. The Core Sync process is actually the background process that indicates the Adobe Creative Cloud is running in the background. In short, the Core Sync is the background process of Adobe Creative Cloud and it uses very high or even 100% of the CPU resources, there is something wrong with the process. This can easily crank up the machine fans leading to loud noise and unwanted electricity consumption. So here’s how to disable the Core Sync process on Mac and solve the high CPU usage associated with it.

How to Disable Core Sync process (Solve high CPU usage)

Turning off the Core Sync process is quite a simple process and you can easily do that by force quitting it. Here is how to fix the high CPU usage on mac:

How to turn off Core Sync on your Mac

  • Firstly, get rid of all the Adobe applications running on the system. More specifically, close the Adobe Creative Cloud app.
  • Now, open the Apple menu from the top left of the navigation bar and go to System Preferences.
  • Go to Extensions.
  • On the extensions window, select Added Extensions from the left and uncheck the Finder Extensions box for the Core Sync option.

This will disable the Core Sync on your Mac PC. To enable it again, simply follow the same steps and check back the Finder Extensions box.

How to Force Quit Adobe Creative Cloud processes

You can also kill the Adobe Processes running in the background of the system in order to kill the Core Sync process as well. Follow these steps:

  • Open Finder from the Dock.
  • Go to Applications > Utilities and open the Activity Monitor.
  • In the search bar, search for Adobe and it will serve you the complete list of Adobe processes running on the system.
  • Select all the processes from the list and click on the cross button (X) located at the top to stop all the processes.

Once all the processes are closed, you should now have your CPU resource consumption in the normal range.

Bottom Line

With that said, this is how you can solve the Core Sync high CPU usage on macOS. The Core Sync background process is not a very essential one and hence can be eliminated from the system without facing any issue. There are two ways to get the issue solved. The first is by turning off the Cloud Sync on the system and the second is by stopping all the Adobe background services. However, I would recommend you to follow both the ways together to get a solid solution. That’s all for this one and I’ll meet you in the next one.

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