How to Disable Explicit Content in Apple Music on iPhone in iOS 16

Apple Music’s ever-expanding library contains almost every song, including those obscure ones that you listened to during your Emo phase. Finding a song on Apple Music is effortless, just tap on the search tab at the bottom-right corner, type in your query, and you’ll have it.

The simplicity of the app is a boon for most users. However, it can turn into a problem if you have curious children around the house. Apple Music has explicit songs and profanity-filled lyrics, making it unsuitable for kids. Unfortunately, iOS 16 does not provide an easy option to hide them. Below, we’ve outlined the steps to make Apple Music kid-friendly.

Remove Explicit Content From Apple Music on iPhone

Surprisingly, the option to hide explicit songs does not reside under Music in Settings. Follow the steps below to find it:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad from the home screen of App Library.

iphone settings
iphone settings

2. In Settings, go to the Screen Time option.

iphone screen time settings

3. Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions on the Screen Time settings screen.

content and privacy restrictions iphone

4. Toggle on the switch for the Content & Privacy Restrictions option if it is not already.

5. Now, tap on the Content Restrictions option.

6. Here, you’ll find the Music, Podcast, News, Fitness option. Open it by tapping on it.

7. Finally, select the Clean option to disable the Explicit content. There will be tick mark next to the option which is selected.

Tip: Similarly, if you want to turn off music videos in Apple Music, tap on Music Videos under Content Restrictions and switch it Off.

To revert the changes and get back your original songs, go back to Settings, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions, and turn off the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle.

Apple Music’s complexity to hide explicit songs on iOS can be frustrating. However, it’s worth the effort if you have children who regularly use your iPhone. And when you want to restore your playlist to its original state, simply retrace the steps to turn off content restrictions.

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