How To Disable Google Lens In Chrome [Android & Desktop]

disable google lens chrome
disable google lens chrome

The Google lens is a pretty handy and useful feature that can serve a set of really important info about a particular image. And Google is implementing the Lens feature in every possible product including Google Chrome. But liking the new changes can be subjective and hence there can be users who may not like the new Lens feature on their Chrome browser. Instead, they might be missing the old “Search Google for image” option as being much more familiar with that. If you are also looking for a way to disable the Google Lens Search for images on Chrome, there here is a complete how-to guide on that.

How to Disable Google Lens In Chrome on Android and Desktop

Disabling the Lens feature on Google Chrome is not a big deal can be done by simply following a couple of simple steps. The steps are exactly the same for both Google Chrome Android and Desktop (Windows and Mac) versions and here’re those steps.

Step 1: To disable the Google Lens for images search on chrome, first you’ll have to go to the Chrome Experiments page. To do so, enter the following address in your Chrome’s address bar:


Step 2: Once you are on the Experiments page, go to the search bar and search for the term “Lens“.

Step 3: In the search results, look for the “Google Lens powered image search in context menu” option. Tap on the drop-down of that option and select the Disabled option.

Step 4: Upon selecting the Disabled option from the drop-down menu, Chrome will ask you to Relaunch the browser to save the changes. Click on the Relaunch option.

Upon relaunching the Chrome browser, you’ll now be able to use the “Search Google for image” option in the context menu instead of the “Search image with Google Lens“.

Another better way to do the image search on Chrome

The above method limits your use of either of the image searching features. But what if you didn’t get the desired result and want to use another one. Then here, comes the Search By Image chrome extension. This extension will let you use both, Google Lens and traditional image search in the right-click context menu.

Step 1: Go to the Search By Image Chrome Web Store page.

Step 2: Click on Add to Chrome to install the extension on your browser and click on Add extension to confirm.

Step 3: Once the extension is added to Chrome, you can right-click on any image and go to Search by image followed by the search engine on which you want to search for that image.

You can also select the All search engines option to search for the image on all of them.

Bottom Line

With that said, here comes the end of this how-to guide and I hope that it would have helped you in improving image searching. Google Lens is definitely a good product from the company but there is still room for improvements and hence there are many Chrome users who prefer to use the traditional reverse image search instead. If you are also one of those, then you can easily disable the Google Lens image search on chrome by going to Chrome flags. Disabling Google Lens will bring back the traditional Search Google for image option in the context menu. If you want to use the features at the same time, then you can go ahead and download the extensions like Search By Image.

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