2 Ways to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad++

enable dark mode in notepad
enable dark mode in notepad

The addition of the dark mode or dark theme automatically makes an app or web application really user-friendly. Dark Mode is not one of the key features users expect and also ask for in an app. And the Notepad++ developers are very well familiar with this fact. Hence, Notepad++ does not come with an in-built dark mode that the user can use to get a more eye-friendly experience.

Here in this guide, I am going to show you how you can use enable Dark Mode in the Notepad++ app on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

Enable Drak Mode in Notepad++

Since, the Dark Mode is not a built-in feature in the Notepad++ app, enabling the same is not going to be cumbersome. Following are the simple steps that you can replicate to make your Notepad++ dark.

Step 1: Open the Notepad++ app. Make sure you have Notepad++ v8.0 or higher. You can download the latest version of Notepad++ from here.

Step 2: After launching the Notepad++, click on the Settings option from the top ribbon of options and go to the Preferences… option.

settings preferences notepad

Step 3: This will open a separate Preference window. Here, click on the Dark Mode option from the left.

Step 3: Now, checkmark the Enable Dark Mode option to active the dark mode in Notepad++.

enable dark mode notepad

Step 4: After enabling the dark mode, the complete Notepad++’s UI will get transformed into the black color and its derivatives.

You can further customize the dark mode here. You can choose the pre-made dark mode styles like Black, Green, Red, Purple, Cyan, etc. as per your preferences.

dadrk mode colors notepad

If the pre-made dark mode accent colors are not as per your preferences, you can create your own Customized dark mode by selecting the Customized option and then choose the colors of your preference for different Notepad++ UI elements like Text, Darker text, Edge, Active, Top, etc.

customize dark mode notepad

Step 5: After setting the Drak Mode, finally, click on the Close button to use Notepad++ with your newly created Dark Mode.

Use Dark Theme on Notepad++

Besides using the default dark mode of the Notepad++ which is not so intuitive and feature-rich, you can go for 3rd-party Notepad++ Dark themes. There are a variety of Notepad++ themes available out there that you can use to get a completely unique-looking dark mode in Notepad++.

Note: Using themes, you can only change the colors of the workspace of the Notepad++ app and not the complete window and other menus. Hence using a combination of Dark Mode and dark theme would be an optimal choice to get the best out of the Notepad++ in dark mode.

You just have to download and apply the theme. But the process for the same is not as simple as enabling the Dark Mode. Here are the steps to use a 3rd-party Notepad++ dark theme.

Step 1: First of all, download a dark theme for Notepad++ like the Dracula theme.

download dracula theme

Step 2: If the downloaded theme is on a zip file, then extract the file using an archiver tool like Winrar.

extract dracula theme zip

Step 3: After extraction, you should now have an XML file. Copy this extracted XML file.

copy dracula theme xml file

Step 4: Now, press Win + R key combination on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

Step 5: In the Run text field, type:


and click OK.

ope notepad hemes folder using run

Step 6: This will open the themes folder of your Notepad++ app. Paste the XML file here that you copied in Step 3.

paste dracula theme in notepad themes folder

Step 7: Next, open Notepad++ app on your PC.

Step 8: Click on Settings from the list of options on the top of the app window and go to the Style Configurator… option.

settings syle configuator notepad

Step 9: Click on the Select theme Drop down menu and select Dracula theme from the list.

select dracula theme notepad

Step 10: Finally, click on the Save & Close button to apply the changes.

Bottom Line

And that’s it. This is how simple it is to enable the Drak Mode in Notepad++. The Notepad++ is a go-to text editor for a ton of Windows users who spend a seriously long time in front of this app while dealing with text files. Hence for such users, the addition of a baked-in dark mode is definitely an eyes saver. Additionally, it imparts a new look to an app that has not changed much in terms of looks.

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