How to enable Developer Mode in iOS 16 via Settings

enable developer mode ios 16
enable developer mode ios 16

iOS 16 comes with a ton of new features and improvements. These improvements include the new Lock Screen, Lock Screen Widgets, Wallpaper Gallary, Convenient Focus application, iCloud Photo library sharing, editing/deleting the messages in iMessage, and a lot more. Though these are the features that are right away available to be used by the general users, some of the features are meant to be used by advanced users and developers.

Such features are, however, needed to be available on the iOS device after installing the Developer Mode. And thankfully, the same can be done easily and simply by using the Settings app. Yes, there is no need to connect the iPhone or iPad to your Mac for this.

How to Enable Developer Mode in iOS 16

The process to enable Developer Mode is quite simple and straightforward and can be done easily by performing a few taps on the screen.

Step 1: Fire up the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: In the Settings app, scroll down a bit and go to the Privacy & Security section. You’ll find it right below the Battery section.

Step 3: On the Privacy & Security settings page, scroll down to the bottom and go to the Developer Mode option.

Step 4: Now simply toggle in the Developer Mode switch located at the top of the screen. 

Step 5: You will now get an on-screen popup, asking to restart your device on order to enable Developer Mode. Here, tap on the Restart option in red color.

Step 6: Your phone will now restart. Now, unlock your device and you’ll see a confirmation popup asking to enable the Developer Mode. Simply tap on the Turn On option.

Doing this will successfully enable then Developer Mode on your iPhone making you enable to use the additional Developer Mode-centric features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Developer Mode in iOS 16?

The Developer Mode, as its name suggests, is a feature that has been introduced by Apple in the new iOS 16 for the developers. It enabled the developers to run the locally installed apps. This is a disabled option by default and is required to be enabled manually. However, doing so doesn’t require any lengthy procedure of connecting to Mac or anything. You can simply enable it via the Settings app.

Does iOS 16 have Developer Mode?

Yes, the newly launched iOS 16 also comes with Developer Mode. And the interesting thing is that you can enable it directly from the Settings app of your iOS device.

What happens when you enable Developer Mode on your iPhone?

Enabling the Developer Mode in iOS 16 Beta inside Settings lets the users install a .ipa file with Apple Configurator. After which you’ll be able to perform a Build and Run in Xcode in order to install and run apps directly via Xcode. This is a convenient feature as doing so keeps you away from repetitive prompts when installing and running the developer-signed apps.

Bottom Line

And this is how you enable the Developer Mode on the new iOS 16 devices. Enabling the Developer Mode doesn’t hinder the traditional downloading of apps from the App Store. You are free to buy, download and update new apps directly from the App Store or sign up for testing them via TestFlight. However, if you are not a developer, you should consider keeping Developer Mode disabled as it is good to safeguard your device from the risks of installing potentially harmful apps and prevent attack vectors from gaining control of your device.

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