How to Enable and Setup Full Keyboard Access on iPhone and iPad

Enabling Full Keyboard Access on your iPhone and iPad can drastically improve your workflow in instances of writing long paragraphs or structuring an email. Apple knows this very well and allows its users to benefit from each and every key on the connected. physical keyboard.

This feature also allows you to customize the commands and keyboard shortcuts as per your preferences along with a plethora of other features to ease the use of a physical keyboard as much as possible so that you can get desktop-level control over your iOS device using your keyboard.

This specific guide is solely written to provide you with steps to enable and set up Full Keyboard Access on your iOS devices. So, let’s get started.

How to Enable Full Keyboard Access on iPhone or iPad

Enabling the feature is fairly simple and straightforward. You just need to perform a couple of taps on your screen to do so.

1. First off, launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

iphone settings
iphone settings

2. In the Settings app, locate the Accessibility option and Tap on it.

iphone accessibility setting

3. Once you are on the Accessibility Settings page, tap on the Keyboards option located under the PHYSICAL AND MOTOR section.

4. Next, tap on the Full Keyboard Access option.

5. And finally, toggle on the switch for the Full Keyboard Access option.

Once the toggle is switched on, you’ll be able to use a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Some of the key shortcuts are as follows:

  • To show Help: Command + H
  •  To move forward: Command
  •   To move backward: Shift + Command
  •   To activate: Space
  •   To go Home: Fn + H
  •   To use the App Switcher: Fn + 1
  •   To use the Control Center: Fn + C
  •   To use the Notification Center: Fn + N

How to Customize the Appearance of the Keyboard

Once you are done with enabling the Full Keyboard Access option, you can further customize the Appearance under the APPEARANCE section.

Here, you can set the time interval after the keyboard gets hidden automatically. You can increase the size and contrast, and can also assign different colors to your keyboard.

How to Customize the Keyboard Commands

Further, you can customize the pre-defined keyboard commands as per your preferences. To do so, simply tap on the Commands option on the same screen.

Here, tap on the keyboard command that you want to customize, press the new keyboard command on your connected physical keyboard, and tap on Done.

How to Adjust the Key Response of the External Keyboard

You can also adjust the key response of your external keyboard connected to your iOS device. To do so, come back to the keyboard Accessibility settings page and here you can adjust the following options:

  • Key Repeat which allows you to adjust the repeat interval and delay of the keys.
  • Sticky Keys which allows you to use the Sticky Keys. This makes you press and hold modifier keys, such as Command and Option, as you press another key in its combination.
  • Slow Keys allows you to adjust the time interval between the key press and its actual activation.

Best Keyboards for iPhone and iPad

There is an extreme range of keyboards out there in the market and this is something that can make it extremely difficult to choose the best one for yourself. Here we’ve provided a couple of keyboards that might work flawlessly with your iPhone and iPad.

If you are seeking to have the best performance and compatibility, you should look for the following keyboards:

If you want to go for a comparatively affordable yet reasonably good keyboard for your iPad that can also double as a case cover, you can look at the Logitech Combo Touch as a really great option.

However, if you are looking for just a really nice and reliable keyboard, you can consider having any of the following keyboards:

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