How to get EXP Share in Fire Red/Leaf Green Pokemon Game

get EXP Share in Fire Red
get EXP Share in Fire Red

So, your pokemon are weak and you want to have some EXP share in the Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf green version. Well, in order to get the EXP share in Fire Red or Leaf Green, you’ll first need to have at least 50 Pokemons registered in your Pokedex. Once you have the 50 Pokemons registered, you can proceed with the process to get the EXP Share.

How to get EXP Share in Pokemon Fire Red

Getting EXP share is not a hard task and can be done by following a couple of steps. Here are those steps that you’ll need to follow in order to get an EXP share in Fire Red Pokemon game.

  • Firstly, register at least 50 species (Pokemons) in your Pokedex.
  • Once you have enough registered Pokemons, go to Fuchsia City.
  • In Fuchsia City, continue to the east until you get to Route 15.
  • Continue on Route 15 and enter the building.
  • Once you are in the building, go upstairs.
  • Upstairs, you will see a guy in a white coat. He is one of Prof. OAK’s AIDES.
  • Meet him and he will give you the EXP Shares after confirming that you have registered 50 Pokemons.

For, a better understanding, you can refer to the following video:

How to get EXP SHARE in Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green
How to get EXP Share in Fire Red/Leaf Green Pokemon version

Bottom Line

With that said, this is what I had for you in this guide. I hope that after going through this guide, you’ll find no problem, in getting EXP share on Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokemon games. The process is fairly simple. Enter Fuchsia city, enter the building on Route 15 and talk to Prof. OAK’s AIDES by going upstairs. But prior to following the process, please make sure to have 50 registered Pokemons in your Pokedex as otherwise, the AIDES will not provide you EXP share.

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