Fix: Warzone False Prospector Camo Not Working/Staying On Weapons

false prospector camo not staying on weapons warzone
false prospector camo not staying on weapons warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the few free-to-play games in recent years to be given attention by developers and fans alike. It was released back in March 2020, but it’s still going strong with new updates that keep players engaged all season long. Recently, the company launched Season 4 of the game with the addition of two new maps, some weapons, and skins. There really isn’t anything this battle royale shooter won’t satisfy your needs for.

But there is something notorious that is recently being reported by the players. There is an in-game challenge called Cutthroat that awards the players with the Legendary False Prospector Golden Vanguard Camo skin after killing 50 players in the Fortune’s Keep map.

But there are reports from the players that after unlocking the False Prospector Camo, the skin is not staying on the weapons in the loadout. As per the players, the skin gets unequipped after they leave gunsmith or after the end of every game session.

For some users, this issue is restricted to just the H4 Blixen gun while for some, it is widespread across various weapons. If you are also facing this glitch and are seeking some solution, then you are lucky that there are some workarounds that you can try to get the False Prospector Camo skin working on the weapons.

Fix False Prospector Camo not staying on weapons

Raven software is unaware of this issue as of writing this fixing guide. But alongside the issue reports, there are two workarounds that have also been shared by the players.

Fix 1: Stay on the Loadout Screen

The first workaround, shared by a Twitter user, says to:

  • Start the match.
  • Then equip the False Prospector Camo on your weapons.
  • After equipping the camo, stay on the loadout screen and wait until the round start.
  • Once the round starts, the equipped camo will be usable in that match.

Fix 2: Make a Custom Blueprint

The second workaround, shared by a player and has worked for him involves making a custom blueprint and equipping the False Prospector Camo skin there. To create a custom blueprint in COD: Warzone:

  • Open COD: Warzone and go to the Weapons tab.
  • Click on the Edit Layout option.
  • Now create your custom weapon layout and don’t forget to equip the False Prospector Camo skin there.
  • Now, click on Save a Custom Mode and give it a name.
  • Finally, click on Save.

This is how you can create a custom blueprint. And to access your created blueprint:

  • Click on Edit Layout.
  • Now, hover over your created weapon layout and select the Armory option.
  • Then choose the Custom Blueprint option to use it.

Bottom Line

With that said, here comes the end of this fixing guide. Raven Softwares is currently unaware of this issue as there is no official public acknowledgment for the same. We can hope that the issue gets an official fix soon. But until then, you’ll have to rely on the workarounds mentioned above. I’ll be updating this fixing guide if it gets any further lead in its fixing process or new workaround.

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