5 Ways to Fix a Loose Charging Port on iPhone

If you are having a loose charging port on your iPhone, then this fixing guide will take you through 5 solid tips and solutions to resolve this issue.

Without proper charging, any of your most powerful tech gadgets is just a showpiece. Charging is one of the key aspects to work properly in order to use any electricity-driven tech gadget and the Apple iPhone is no different.

If you are experiencing that your iPhone is not charging properly due to a loose connection between your lightning port and the charging cable, then continue reading this fixing guide for the solution.

How to Fix a Loose Charging Port on iPhone

There can be a number o reasons why the charging port is loose. One of the most common reasons is the collection of dirt and debris inside the charging port. However, other reasons can also cause this problem like a damaged charging cable, water damage inside the charging port, etc.

Here are 5 of the best power tips to get the issue resolved.

1. Check your Cable

if you are experiencing a loose charging port on your iPhone, then the first thing that we would advise you is to make sure that your charging cable is not causing the problem.

In many cases, the lightning pin of the cable is the problem instead of the lightning port of your iPhone. The simple way to check this is to arrange a fresh charging cable and try connecting it to your iPhone.

If the new cable is providing a snug fit then your port is good and you need a new charging cable to solve the loose charging port problem of your iPhone.

2. Clean the iPhone Charging Port

After troubleshooting the charging cable, next you should look inside the lightning port of the iPhone. Using the iPhone for a long without any cleaning often causes the charging port to get catered with dirt and debris.

Hence you are highly advised to clean your iPhone charging port. You can take the help of some soft and sharp objects like toothpicks to react inside the craving port.

Note: Please note that you should avoid using any metallic/conductive sharp objects to clean the charging port. This can cause the port pint to short circuit making permanent harm to your port or even the complete iPhone’s motherboard.

3. Water Can Cause the Port Damage

Even though the iPhone you are using is completely waterproof, there are still slight chances that retention of water or moisture inside the charging port has corroded the port, altering not just the charging capability but also the normal shape.

This is because the waterproof rating is given by Apple after testing the iPhone inside distill water. But if you have used your iPhone underwater having a higher-than-usual concentration of minerals and ions, this can cause corrosion to the metal part including the charging port.

4. Use Wireless Charging

If this is an emergency and you are not able to use the charging port to charge your iPhone, you can use Wireless charging. Almost all iPhones nowadays come with wireless charging.

To wirelessly charge your iPhone, you’ll need a wireless charge (or Magsafe charger) and a wireless charging compatible iPhone. Then just connect the wireless charger to the power socket and place your iPhone on the Wireless charging pad facing the screen upwards.

5. Get your iPhone Repaired By a Professional

The issue with charging is one of the things you should take very seriously as it can pose damage to the battery itself. Also, if you are not able to charge your iPhone, you might not be able to use it for much longer.

Hence you should consider consulting a professional and get your iPhone charging port repaired.

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