How to Fix “A player that your platform denies” Warzone 2 Error

warzone 2 A player that your platform denies

Like Modern Warfare 2, the new Warzone 2 game is also seeming to be prone to the “A player that your platform denies” error. This issue is troubling many of the fresh Call of Duty Warzone 2 players. Whether you are playing Online or Offline, there are equal chances of you encountering this issue.

warzone 2 A player that your platform denies

The issue is not actually new as we have also seen the same previously in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 title where players were not able to play the game due to the interruption of the “A player that your platform denies” error message.

I am feeling really unfortunate while telling you that there is no solid fix that can be described to you in order to get rid of the issue. Yes, it is a sad truth. Neither any official fix/workaround nor any individual game player has shared any kind of resolution to this. All you can do is just ignore the prompt.

warzone 2

However, there is still a couple of things that you do with the hope that the issue will get fixed.

  • Restart the Game: if you are lucky, it is possible that restarting the game will solve or at least improve the issue.
  • Update Warzone 2: Please check if there is any pending update available in the game. Activision is consistently dealing with a lot of primary warzone 2-related issues. And in that process, there are frequent updates that are being pushed out.
  • Verify game files: If your game is having some corrupted or missing files, it is possible that this is why you are getting the “a player that your platform denies” error. Hence consider verifying your Warzone 2 game files via Steam or
  • Reinstall the game: If the issue is getting out of control and you are not at all able to play the game, then you can also try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.

As of writing this post, there is no official acknowledgment regarding this Warzone 2 issue by Activision or Call of Duty. Hence we can just hope for this to get fixed besides constant reporting of this issue to Activision to bring his attention towards the “a player that your platform denies” error.

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