Fix Apple TV streaming quality issue on tvOS 15

Fix Apple TV streaming quality issue on tvOS 15
Fix Apple TV streaming quality issue on tvOS 15

The Apple TV is one of the most widely used premium streaming media boxes that users can simply connect to their TVs using the HDMI port. Apple has recently rolled out the tvOS 15 update to its users with added and improved features like the Apple SharePlay, Group Workouts in Fitness, and software-wide improvements. The users are pretty happy with this new update but it seems like there is a small section of the tvOS users too who is facing issues with the new update. One such issue is the Apple TV low streaming quality issue. The Apple TV users are reporting that after the new tvOS 15 ad 15.1 updates, they are facing issues with the streaming quality of the Apple TV content no matter t which app they use to stream the content.

After the tvOS 15 and 15.1 updates, the users are complaining that they are experiencing a bug that is causing the streaming of the content extremely low quality and pixelated and is making Apple TV almost useless for streaming. If you are one of those users who is facing this issue on your Apple TV even with a very fast internet connection, stick around to this fixing guide and I’ll show you how you can fix the Apple TV streaming quality issue on tvOS 15/15.1.

Fix Apple TV streaming low resolution on tvOS 15

You may come across a number of fixes to this suggesting you check your internet connection, streaming quality settings and whatnot. But let me tell you that this Apple TV low-quality or pixelated streaming issue is actually a bug and as per an Apple TV user, he contacted Apple support for the resolution and in response, Apple asked the user to turn off the Suggest Nearby AirPods option from the Apple TV settings. After trying this workaround, the user shared on Reddit that disabling the Suggest Nearby AirPods has indeed worked for him and will maybe work for you as well.

How to turn off Suggest Nearby AirPods on Apple TV

Here’s how you can fix the Apple TV streaming quality issue on tvOS 15 by turning off the Suggest Nearby AirPods option.

Step 1: Open Apple TV and press the menu button on your Apple TV remote until you reach the home screen. If you are already on the home screen then well and good. Now on the home screen Open Settings (gear icon).

Step 2: Once you are in the Apple TV Settings, navigate to the Remotes and Devices option and open it.

Step 3: In the Remotes and Devices setting page, go to Bluetooth under the OTHER DEVICES section.

Step 4: Once you are on the Bluetooth setting page of Remote and Devices, you will see the Suggest Nearby AirPods option. This would be set at On by default, navigate to that option and turn it off.

By following the above-mentioned steps, the Suggest Nearby AirPods feature will get disabled and as per what the user reported, you should not face any low streaming quality but on your Apple TV running tvOS 15 or 15.1.

But remember that disabling the Suggest Nearby AirPods option will also prevent your Apple TV from detecting your AirPods placed nearby, resulting in no notification on your TV screen for the same. That means you’ll have to manually connect them every time if you use them with your Apple TV.

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