Fix: Automatic Login Greyed Out or Not Working on Mac

fix automatic login not wokring or greyed out

Are you not able to enable the Automatic Login on your Mac PC? Is the Automatic Login option greyed out? There can be a number of for this issue and I have provided a list of working fixes to resolve this issue.

The Automatic Login option lets you into your Mac without entering the password. If you are trying to enable Automatic Login on your Mac, but are unable to do so, then bear with me in this fixing guide and I’ll guide you step by step to resolve this issue.

Fix the Greyed Out Automatic Login option

If the Automatically Log in as option is greyed out and is set to Off, then this is because the FileVault is enabled on your Mac.

In order to be able to enable the Automatic Login option, you are first required to disable FileVault.

Disable FileVault on macOS Ventura or later

  1. Open the System Settings on your Mac.
  2. Click on the Privacy & Security option from the left pane.
  3. Click on the Turn Off button located next to the FileVault option.

    turn off filevault ventura
  4. You will be prompted to enter your user account password. Enter your password and click Unlock.

Disable FileVault on macOS Monterey, Big Sur, and older

  1. Open the System Preferences application.
  2. Click on the Security & Privacy icon.
  3. Click on the FileVault tab.
  4. Click on the lock icon at the bottom left of the window to unlock the preferences, enter your administrator password, and click Unlock.
  5. Click on the Turn Off FileVault button.

    turn off filevault monterey and earlier
  6. You will be prompted to enter your user account password. Enter your password and click Continue.

The FileVault decryption process will begin. This may take some time, depending on the size of your hard drive.

Once the decryption process is complete, FileVault will be disabled on your Mac.

More fixes if Automatic Login is not Working

Apart from the greyed-out issue, there are possibilities that the Automatic Login is not working on your Mac due to some other reasons. Here are some more things to do if the Automatic Login is not working.

1. Enable Automtic Login

In macOS Monterey and earlier, there is a dedicated option to control the Automatic login for the complete Mac. So, if the Automatic login is not working, then consider checking if the Disable Automatic login option is unchecked. To do so:

  1. Open the System Preferences, on your Mac.
  2. Go to Security & Privacy option.

    security and privacy on mac
  3. Switch to the General tab on the Security & Privacy settings window.
  4. Here, look for the option Disable Automatic login. If it is checked, then make sure to uncheck it and restart your Mac.

    disable automatic login option

2. Delete the Login .plist files

The .plist files can sometimes cause issues with the macOS functioning. Users have reported that deleting the and loginwindow.plist files have resolved the issue for them.

  1. Open Finder on your Mac.
  2. While pressing the Option key, go to Go > Library from the menu bar.

    go library holding option key
  3. Within the Library, go to Preferences and delete the and loginwindow.plist files.

    delete login plist files mac

Once done, restart your Mac.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you are experiencing issues with the automatic login feature on your Mac, there are several steps you can try to troubleshoot the problem.

If none of the steps resolve the issue, it may be necessary to consult with an Apple support specialist or bring your Mac to an Apple-authorized service provider for further assistance. We hope this article has been helpful in fixing your automatic login issues on your Mac.

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