Fix: Autosave to Onedrive not working for Word documents

fix autosave not working for word documents

If you are a Windows user, you must know that Microsoft office offers a feature through which you can autosave your office files to OneDrive cloud storage. It’s a fascinating feature cause it allows you to access your document anywhere. Even if you have created this file on some other device you can still be able to access it on any other device. It’s like a good-to-go feature through which you can do work anytime and anywhere without having to worry about losing your work. What? Autosave for Word Document is not working on your device. Don’t worry we are here to solve your problem.

fix autosave not working for word documents

Possible reasons for the word document not getting saved automatically

If word documents are not getting saved automatically to your OneDrive Account then there may be the following reason for that:

  1. You might have been logged out of your Microsoft Account.
  2. Maybe your subscription has expired.
  3. You might have run out of cloud space for your OneDrive.

How to fix autosaving of Word Document to OneDrive

In this tutorial, we are going to explain all the possibilities for your Autosave of Word Documents to OneDrive not working. We will also show you all the fixes that you can do to solve the same. Without further due, let’s begin:

Fix 1: Check your account login

Sometimes we accidentally log out of our Microsoft Account on the device we do most of our work. It may be due to trying out the new feature of a new version of windows or some other app or maybe you have reset your system settings or manipulated your other accounts. There could be plenty of reasons for this that we are not going to discuss. Rather we are just going to check if you are signed in to your Microsoft Account. For this follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings by searching it in the search box of the Start menu then click Open.

windows setting search
Open settings

Step 2: As soon as the Setting page opens you can see the Name and Email of your Microsoft Account. On the top right corner look for the OneDrive icon, it will show you backed up. Hence everything is fine.

signed in account

If your account is not signed in then it will show you as a Local User without any user email and it will show sign-in on OneDrive situated at the top right corner. If it appears like this then continue to the next step.

account not signed in

Step 3: On the Settings window hit on the Accounts option followed by Your Microsft Account.

account tab

Step 4: Right After clicking on Your Microsoft Account next page appears. Here Click on the Subscription on the right panel.

subcroption microsoft account

Step 5: Just after clicking on the Subscription it will lead you to the default browser and the sign-in window appears. Put on your Microsoft email id and password and hit sign in.

sign in

Step 7: After signing in head back to the Account page and click on OneDrive and again sign in the OneDrive.

one drive sign in 1

Now your Word Documents will be automatically saved to your OneDrive account.

Fix 2: Check if your subscription is expired

It happens if your Subscription to Office 365 gets expired then also the autosave of the Word document stops. You can check your subscription as follows:

Step 1: Open Accounts as described in the above steps then click on Your Microsoft Account.

view subscription 1

Step 2: After clicking on Your Microsft Account click on the Microsoft 365 family it will provide you with the detail of the subscription. If a subscription to office 365 is expired then it will not autosave your word document to OneDrive.

subscription is not expired
Microsoft family
subscription is expired

If your subscription is expired then renew it and your word document will get automatically saved to OneDrive.

Fix 3: Check if your OneDrive Cloud space is Run Out

It happens most of the time that you don’t continuously check your available OneDrive cloud storage or are not able to get the storage warning prompt from the OneDrive itself. No worries you can check it yourself. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: At the bottom left of the taskbar click on the OneDrive icon and then click on the Setting from the popup menu.

1.opening taskbar

Step 2: Microsoft OneDrive popup window appears, here switch to the Accounts tab, and you will see the used space from the available space.

one drive space

Step 3: If you have run out of cloud storage then just below the available space click on Get more storage.

buy more storage

Step 4: As soon as you click on Get more storage, a popup window appears showing you the available plan, choose as per your convenience.

microsoft plan

After purchasing any plan from the available plans you will get more storage and OneDirve will start Autosaving Word Documents once again.

Fix 4: Check OneDrive office settings

Even after you have a subscription plan, you have plenty of cloud space then also autosave in OneDrive is not working then it’s time to check for the OneDrive settings. For doing the same follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Reach the Microsoft OneDrive window by clicking on the OneDrive icon in the taskbar and then on Settings.

1.opening taskbar

Step 2: In the Microsoft OneDrive window switch to the Office tab and then check the box Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open and click on OK.

stop office files from saving

After this, your Word documents will get Autosaved to OneDrive.

Fix 5: Check the MS word settings

Sometimes what happens is that even if all the checks mentioned above are alright. Still, your word documents are not getting Autosaved then it’s time to check your Microsoft Office Word settings and see if autosaved with OneDrive is on or not. You can do the same as follows:

Step 1: Open the MS Word App from the start menu.

search word

Step 2: When the word app opens then in the bottom left corner click on the Options option.

word option

Step 3: In the options head over directly to the save button and check( If this is unchecked) the box AutoSave OneDrive and SharePoint Online files by default on Word.

word option form save

From now on Autosave of Word documents should be working fine.

Bottom Line

That’s it. Here comes the end of this tutorial. There are many checks that one needs to do when checking the Autosaving of Word documents. I hope this was helpful to you. We have exhausted all the available options one could check for if the autosave feature is not working. See you soon.

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