Fix: Call of Duty Warzone 2 Lobbies Not Filling Up

fix lobbies not filling warzone 2

The wait is finally over and the Call of Duty Warzone 2 is finally here. The payers are excited to play the game but here’s an issue that has recently come to light. The players are unable to enter the match as the game lobbies are not filling with a sufficient amount of players to start the match.

If you are also facing this issue then go through this guide to get the issue resolved.

fix lobbies not filling warzone 2

Are lobbies not filling up? Try these workarounds

Warzone 2 has just been launched and there are a lot of players that are yet to install the game. Hence it is possible that there is a lack of players at the moment. However, here are some tips and workarounds to improve the situation.

warzone 2
  • Enable Crossplay: The Warzone 2 is a cross-platform and cross-play game. That means Warzone players from different regions and platforms can get into the sae lobby. Hence if the lobby is not filling up with the required number of players consider enabling cross-play in the Account and Network settings menu.
  • Restart the game and device: It is possible that the game is not functioning properly. In that case, you should first consider restarting the game and then the whole device on which you are playing Warzone 2.
  • Choose a different Game Mode: If the lobby is not filling up in the current game mode, it is possible that there are no sufficient players available for a match-up for that specific mode. Hence you are advised to play Warzone 2 match with a different Game mode.

Bottom Line

Adding to this, it is also very much possible that the issue is not the limited number of players but something else from Activision’s end. In that case, the above-mentioned fixes are very likely to not work. The same issue was also seen with the launch of Warzone but was solved immediately. Just hope for that to happen here as well.

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