Fix Call of Duty Warzone 2 Slow Download speed on Steam,, PC, Xbox, Playstation

fix warzone 2 slow download

The Call of Duty WarZone 2 is out now and the general public players are getting the update. The update is unsurprising of a couple of GBs which is gonna take a good amount of time to install. But besides this, the players are complaining about the game being downloaded at a slow speed.

if you are also experiencing Warzone 2 slow download speed then bear with me in this fixing guide and I’ll share some tips and workarounds to get this issue resolved.

fix warzone 2 slow download

Fix Warzone 2 Slow Download Speed

The slow download speed is not limited to some specific platforms of game providers. The users of Steam, Battlenet, PlayStation, and Xbox, all are experiencing this. And here’s what you can do to resolve this issue.

Fix Warzone 2 Slow Downloading on PlayStation & Xbox

The COD Japan support team has shared that if you are experiencing a slow download of Warzone, then you should delete the game then try to download it.

Adding to this, they said that it is possible that corrupted game files are causing the game to download at a slow speed.

Upon translating the above tweet you get,

If you have any problems during the update on the PS platform, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please delete the game once and download and install it again. File corruption may have occurred, which may lead to instability.

Similarly, there are users who have reported that after detecting the game and the redownloading it has served them a whole lot better downloading speed for Warzone 2 on their Xbox.

So if you are on PlayStation or Xbox, please consider deleting the game and then downloading and installing Warzone 2 to improve the download speed.

warzone 2

Fix Warzone 2 Slow Downloading on Steam & Battlenet

For the and Steam PC users, here are some workarounds that you can try.

  • Relaunch Steam and It is possible that Steam/ are experiencing some background network hindrance due to glitches. So in that case, you should consider restarting the apps first.
  • Change region in Steam: if the currently set region is not offering a good download speed then you can try changing it to some other one. To change do so:
    • Open Steam and go to Settings > Downloads Tab.
    • Come under the Download Region and try changing from US/Singapore.
    • Also, remove any download restrictions if there are any.
  • Remove the download limit on it is possible that you are getting a slow download speed on due to the restricted download bandwidth set. To remove it:
    • Open Launcher and go to Settings by clicking on the Battle logo on the top left.
    • Switch to the Downloads tab and locate the Network Bandwidth section.
    • here, uncheck the Limit download bandwidth option and click on Done.

Bottom Line

And this is how you can get the Warzone 2 slow downloading issue fixed. The best workaround that I have come across in this case is to delete the game and then re-download it from scratch. This should work for all possible platforms. Also, if there is a restriction on the download bandwidth then please consider removing them.

One more thing to take into account here is that there are millions of players who are trying to download the game simultaneously. Hence, getting a lower-than-usual download speed is common. You’ll have to live with it for the time being or else wait for the downloading traffic to get lower from the Warzone 2 servers and then try downloading it.

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