Fix OneDrive DesktopWindowsXamlSource Empty Window keeps popping up on Taskbar in Windows 11, 10

Several PC users have reported encountering an empty window titled DesktopWindowXamlSource on their Windows 11/10 taskbar and have expressed confusion over its presence and how to remove it. This article aims to provide an explanation for this anomaly and suggests solutions to rectify the issue.

What is DesktopWindowXamlSource?

DesktopWindowXamlSource is a Windows API that allows non-UWP desktop applications to host any control that is derived from Windows. In simpler terms, this API enables an app to host XAML controls within a desktop (Win32) window. If users observe an empty window, as in the current issue, it could indicate the API is being misused or an implementation error.

Further investigation has revealed that this empty window on the taskbar is related to OneDrive. Reportedly, when affected users attempt to close the DesktopWindowXamlSource empty window, it inadvertently closes OneDrive as well. Currently, it remains unclear what triggers this bug or abnormal system behavior. Nevertheless, if you’re seeking ways to remove the empty window from your taskbar, then read on!

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Fix DesktopWindowXamlSource empty window on Taskbar

If you observe the DesktopWindowXamlSource empty window on your Windows 11/10 taskbar, which has been attributed to a bug that Microsoft claims to have fixed, you can try the suggestions provided below to resolve the issue.

However, before you begin, make sure to update your Windows and Microsoft Store apps.

1. Run the SFC /scannow command

The DesktopWindowXamlSource empty window on the taskbar could be due to system file corruption. Thus, we recommend that you run the SFC /scannow command and check if it helps rectify the issue on your Windows 11/10 device. If the SFC scan reports system file corruption and cannot repair it, you can run the DISM scan and rerun the SFC scan once it completes.

2. Update/Reset/Reinstall Microsoft OneDrive

Since this issue is related to OneDrive, ensure that you have updated OneDrive on your system. To update OneDrive, press the Windows key + R to launch the Run dialog, paste the following command, and hit Enter.


If you have updated OneDrive, but the problem persists, try resetting OneDrive. To reset it, open the Run dialog and enter the following command, and hit Enter.

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

If resetting does not help, uninstall OneDrive thoroughly, download and reinstall it, and check if that resolves the issue. If not, proceed with the next suggestion.

3. Reset the Taskbar

At times, your Windows 11/10 taskbar might stop responding, freeze, or fail to show specific icons that you require to interact with. If the taskbar is displaying an empty window, which is not its standard behavior, reset the taskbar settings to restore it to its proper functioning.

1. Search and open Notepad.

2. Now, copy the following code and paste it into Notepad.

@echo off
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
taskkill /f /im shellexperiencehost.exe
timeout /t 3 /NOBREAK > nul
del %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy\TempState\* /q
timeout /t 2 /NOBREAK > nul
start explorer
@echo on

3. Once done, click on File and select Save as.

4. In the Save As window, give it the File name: ClearTileCache.bat, select the location where you want to save the file, and click on Save.

5. Navigate to the file that you have saved, right-click on it, and select Run as administrator.

As the batch file runs, it will clear the cache of the start menu, leading the desktop and other items to disappear for a moment.

4. Uninstall the Windows update

Users have reported noticing the issue after installing a recent Windows update. It is possible that the update introduced the bug causing the issue. In such a case, you can attempt to uninstall the latest update to determine if that helps.

1. Open the Windows Settings by pressing Win + I on the keyboard.

2. Click on the Windows Update option from the left pane.

3. From the right, click on the Update history option.

go to settings update history

4. Here, under the Related settings section, click on the Uninstall updates option.

uninstall updates windows 11

Follow the on-screen instructions and uninstall the concerned update.

5. Restore your system to an earlier point

If you suspect that a new system update is the cause of the problem, you can opt to restore your system to a prior state. This solution is also relevant if you have recently noticed the issue, and you are unsure of any system changes that might have triggered it.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you resolve the issue with the DesktopWindowXamlSource empty window on your Windows 11/10 taskbar. If the solutions suggested do not work, you may have to wait for Microsoft to release an update that resolves the bug.

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