How to Fix Dev Error 11642, 410 & 292 in Modern Warfare 2

Fix Dev Error 11642 410 292 in Modern Warfare 2

Frustrated by the new Dev Errors (11642, 410, or 292) in Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 2? The feeling is so frustrating when you wanted to play the game really badly and these errors pop up. But not to worry as in this fixing guide, I will try my best to help you fix these dev errors, so that you can normally resume playing the game with your friends.

About Dev Error 11642, 410, and 292

Since the latest update of the game, more and more players have started facing this “Dev Errors 1162, 410, and 292” issue. These errors are totally ruining the game experience as it affects private matches leaving the players unable to play the matches with their friends or even with bots. The error usually pops up when players try to start a new custom or private match.

Fix Dev Error 11642 410 292 in Modern Warfare 2

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How to Fix 11642, 410, and 292 Dev Errors in MW2

As Modern Warfare 2 is pretty new in the market, it is very normal for issues like this to occur in a new game, and I am sure Infinity Ward must be looking into this matter. And hopefully, they’ll fix it soon. But in the meantime let’s see what we can do to fix this issue. We’ll discuss all the possible and effective workarounds to fix this “Dev Error 1162” issue.

Fix 1: Wait For Some Time

I know now you might be thinking what kind of fix is that?, What if I wanted to play it now? and also this might not fix the problem always. But many players have reported that waiting is all they need to do because the error is probably caused by a server overloading issue.

Don’t get disappointed as there are more fixes you can try to fix this issue.

Fix 2: Change FPS

Change your Modern Warfare 2 FPS settings from custom to unlimited as many players reported that changing the FPS has fixed this issue for them.

If it is already set to unlimited, try changing it to a lower value like 60 or even below until this problem is officially resolved.

Fix 3: Change Cache Size

This is the most effective fix as it is seen that changing the cache size to medium or small has fixed the issue for many players.

  • Go to Settings > Graphics > On-demand texture streaming.
  • Then, set the cache size to medium or small.
allocate texture cache size mw2

Fix 4: Turn On DLSS

Players have reported that they have started facing this “Dev Error 1162” issue when they turned off the in-game DLSS setting, so if have also turned your DLSS setting off then turn it back on.

enable dlss mw2

Fix 5: Change Refresh Rate

Similar to the FPS settings, the refresh rate could also be the reason for the “DEV Error 11642” to occur. Change your refresh rate from auto to custom and make sure that your Monitor/TV meets the refresh rate you’re gonna set.

Fix 6: Enter Multiplayer Public Lobby

As reported, this error is usually happening with private matches, so one way to temporarily fix this issue is, to enter any multiplayer public lobby and exit after walking a couple of steps there.

Fix 7: Reinstall the game

If you’re still facing the “Dev Error 1162” even after trying all the fixes mentioned above then lastly, I would suggest you reinstall your game.

Uninstall the current version of the game first, then reinstall the official latest version of the game.

Bottom Line

This is it, here comes the end of this fixing, I hope this article has fixed the issue that you’re facing. I know this error is one of the most annoying for Modern Warfare players, you can’t even practice with bots without getting this error popup but as I said MW2 is fairly new, and facing such issues is not something unexpected. And I am sure Infinity Ward must be looking into this matter. And hopefully, they’ll fix it soon.

If this fixing guide was helpful for you in resolving your “Dev Error 1162, 410, 292” problem, then please consider sharing it with your friends who also play Modern Warfare 2 and facing the same issue. Also, comment below which one of the fixes mentioned above resolved the problem in your case.

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