Fix: Focus Assist keeps turning on in Windows 10 & 11

fix focus assist keeps turning on windows

Focus assist is a feature provided in Windows 10 & 11 that enables you to focus on your work by hiding the notifications. It keeps the notifications hidden in the notification panel and avoids any distracting popups to appear on the screen. Those notifications are, however, available to be accessed via the notification panel of your PC and you can see them later on. By using this feature you can focus on your important work without getting disturbed.

But many Windows users are facing the issue with this feature. As per the issue, Focus Assist gets enabled automatically after disabling it. If you are facing the same issue, then go through this guide to get the resolution.

fix focus assist keeps turning on windows

What’s the problem with Focus Assist?

Focus Assist is admittedly a good feature for some but for some it becomes problematic. The problem is some users have reported that their focus assist keeps turning on by itself even at times if they don’t want to use it. As a result, they were not able to see the notifications which were very important to them and also for which they subscribed.

How to Fix if Focus Assist keeps turning on

This problem can be solved very easily. In this tutorial guide, we will show you fixes, using them you can solve this problem very easily. You can turn Focus Assist off by following these fixes that are shown below:

Fix 1: Change the Automatic rule for Focus Assist

You can turn off Focus Assist by changing the Automatic rule from the Settings App of windows. Even if you don’t want to completely turn it off you can also configure them at your convenience. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Search for the Settings in the Search box of the Start menu and hit Open.

windows setting search

Step 2: On the System Settings page look for Focus Assist and click on it.

focus assist settinngs page

Step 3: Now on the Focus Assist page, click on off.

focus assistt off 1

Step 4: If it doesn’t work then on the Focus Assist page scroll down to Automatic rules and turn the toggle buttons off for all of the following options.

  • During these times
  • When I’m duplicating my display
  • When I’m playing a game
  • When I am using an app in fullscreen mode
  • For the first time after a Windows feature update
focus assist automatic rules 2

From now on Focus assist will not get activated unless you do not switch it on from the Notification panel in the taskbar or from the Settings App.

Fix 2: Set the date and time

It has been reported by many users that if their PC is running at an incorrect time then they won’t be able to turn off Focus Assist. So first set the correct time and then start configuring Focus Assist. Here is how you can set the correct time:

Step 1: In the Start menu search for Settings Apps and hit Open.

windows setting search

Step 2: In the settings look for the Time and Language and then click on Date & time in the right menu panel.

date and time

Step 3: In the next menu option which comes after clicking on Date & Time toggle the switch on for “Set the time automatically” and for “Set the time zone automatically”.

set date and time automatically

Now your time will get correct automatically. After this, you follow up on the above fix to turn off Automatic rule settings for Focus Assist.

Fix 3: Change the Group Policy setting of focus assist

If the above-mentioned fix doesn’t work then only this method is left. Here you will update the Group Policy Setting for focus setting so that it won’t interfere automatically unless you change the group policy settings again. Let’s see how you can do this:

Step 1: Press Windows + R key to open the Run window. Here type gpedit. msc and hit Enter or Press OK.

gpedit.msc run command
gpedit.msc run command

Step 2: Following Step 1 Group Policy Editor window will open. Here navigate to the following path User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Notifications.

Step 3: Now all the policies related to notification will show on the right panel. Here locate the Turn off Quiet Hours Policy, double click to open it.

Turn off Quiet Hours Windows.jpeg

Step 4: In the Turn off Quiet Hours Policy window click on Enabled. By enabling it notifications will not be suppressed.

Untitled 2

Tip: By enabling the Turn off Quiet Hours Policy all notifications will be allowed even after turning the Focus Assist on. So it is best to set it to Non-configured because it will show not show the notification when you deliberately open Focus Assist.

Bottom Line

So that’s it. Here comes the end of this tutorial. Everybody likes to be free at times and focus assist surely does that but nobody wants to be free all the time. So the Focus Assist needs to work properly. We hope we were able to solve your problem. See you soon.

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