Fix Google account 2-Step verification issue on Ting mobile

Fix Google account 2 Step verification issue on Ting mobile
Fix Google account 2 Step verification issue on Ting mobile

There are a lot of users who are complaining that they are not able to set up their Google account 2 spet verification by using the Ting Mobile number. As per the issue reported by the new Ting Mobile users, they are getting an error message saying “Sorry, we can’t fulfill this request at this time. Please try again later or use a different phone number.” leading the user not able to use its new Ting Mobile number for account verification. This issue has mostly been reported by the new Ting Mobile users, but a couple of users with old Ting Mobile numbers have also reported the same issue. If you are also struggling with the 2-step verification of your google account via Ting Mobile’s mobile number the here I have shared some of the fixes and workarounds that you can try to solve the issue.

Fix Google 2-Step verification issue on Ting mobile (Sorry, we can’t fulfill this request at this time)

Fix 1: Wait for 7 Days

This one is for the new Ting mobile users. If you have recently shifted to a new Ting mobile phone number and have tried unsuccessfully changing the number in your google account, it is advised to wait for 7 days before you try using the new number. There are also chances that Google might be using the old phone number that has recently been changed by you.

Fix 2: Spam the SEND button (Recommended)

This trick or workaround has been reported working for a ton of users who are getting the Sorry, we can’t fulfill this request at this time. Please try again later or use a different phone number. error on the screen while using the Ting mobile phone number in 2-step verification.

You just have to keep smashing the blue-coloured SEND button in the bottom right corner after entering the mobile number. As per the users, this is the most effective way to get your Ting mobile phone number added in the 2-step verification. For some users tapping the SEND button 10 to 20 times, made them successfully receive the code to add that number in the 2-step verification.

Fix 3: Enter phone number without country code

A couple of users confirmed that their web browser saved their phone number to autofill in the phone number area. And in that saved mobile number the country code was pre-applied. And when they erased the auto-filled number and enter the number manually without any country code e.g. +1 is used for the US phone number.

If you are also relying on the autofill of your browser to under the mobile number, try entering the number manually and click on SEND. There are possibilities that you’ll be prompted to the next step along with a successful full code message or call on your entered number for the code. Also, while entering the number manually, make sure to select the country from the drop-down list located to the left of the phone number area.

Bottom Line

There is no official confirmation or fix from the side of Google or Ting Mobile about this issue. Looking at the ways users used to get their Ting Mobile phone number working in the Google account’s 2-step verification process, the issue is most likely with Google and not with Ting Mobile. This can be strongly assumed on the basis that most of the users when spammed the SEND button 20 to 30 times, they were able to successfully use the same number in the 2-step verification. This might probably be due to the high load on its server as there are millions of people who have got the email from Google about the 2-step verification will automatically be turned on by the company on the 9th of November.

I hope this fixing guide was helpful for you. If it was, then please consider sharing it with the needy ones in your circle. If you have any questions, suggestions or any new way that worked for you to get this issue solved, please mention them in the comments below to help the rest of the audience.

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