7 Ways to Fix Invalid IP Address Error in Minecraft

In light of the recent update to Minecraft’s new launcher, the popular game has become a minefield of issues for users. Among these issues is the emergence of the frustrating “Invalid IP address” error message that plagues the Minecraft home page.

This problem can arise when attempting to connect to a specific Minecraft server, as well as when attempting to connect with a different Minecraft server altogether.

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Fix the Invalid IP Address error in Minecraft

If you are also not able to join the Minecraft Bedrock or Pocket Edition server and are getting the “Invalid IP Address” error, then you can try the following solutions described below.

1. Restart Minecraft

Many Minecraft players have resolved this issue just by restarting the game itself. Sometimes, the issues occur due to cache minor OS glitches. And in such a situation, restarting the concerned software can be really helpful.

So before doing anything technical, just simply close the game and relaunch it.

2. Restart your device

If restarting the game was not able to resolve the issue, then you can further extend this basic troubleshooting to restarting your devices too. If the background process is directly related to the system OS then restarting only the game might not be enough.

So, as a second resolution step, please consider restarting your device (your Windows PC or Android/iOS smartphone).

3. Check the Minecraft server status

If the Minecraft server itself is not working properly or experiencing outrage then there is no chance you are not gonna get the Invalid IP Address error.

If the server is currently down then you can’t actually do anything much besides waiting for the server to get back to a working state.

To check the server status, you can visit the Xbox Status page to get real-time information about all the Microsoft services including Minecraft.

You can also use some dedicated online sites like minecraftstatus to get the Minecraft server status.

4. Delete old log files

Minecraft stores log files containing a lot of cached data. Clearing the log files might help in resolving the issue. Here’s how you can delete the Minecraft log files.

1. Open the Minecraft game and on the home screen, go to the Settings option to go to your Minecraft settings.

2. In the Minecraft settings, go to the Creator option.

3. On the Creator settings screen, switch to the Account tab from the left pane, located under the General section.

4. Now, on the right side of the window, click on the Delete Old logs button.

5. Sign Out and clear the Minecraft cache

Signing out from your Microsoft account and then trying to clear the game cache might help you in resolving the issue. Here’s how you can do this:

1. Close Minecraft and also the Minecraft launcher and open up the Xbox app on your PC.

2. In the Xbox app, click on your profile in the top-left corner of the window and select Sign Out. This will sign you out of the Xbox app as well as Minecraft.

3. Now, clear the Minecraft cache. And to do that, open Windows settings by pressing Win + I.

4. In settings, go to Apps from the left pane and then click on the Installed apps tile on the right.

go to apps installed app windows 11

5. Locate the Minecraft app, click on the three dots, and select Advanced options.

advanced options of minecraft launcher
advanced options of minecraft launcher

6. On the next screen, scroll down to the Reset section and click on Reset.

7. Close the settings window, and open up Run box by pressing Win + R.

8. Type the following in its text field and click OK.

temp folder run dialog box

9. In the Temp folder, select all the folders and files and delete them.

Once done, restart the PC, open Minecraft and sign into it with your Microsoft account and check if the issue is resolved.

6. Disable/Enable VPN

VPN service can be a safer or an enemy in connectivity. If you are using a VPN connection while playing Minecraft, then please consider disabling it. To disable VPN on Windows 11:

1. Open Settings on your PC using the Win + I keyboard shortcut.

2. In settings, go to Network & Internet from the left pane and then select VPN from the right.

3. Finally toggle off the VPN switch.

You can also turn off the VPN connection by going to the VPN program that you are using to establish the connection.

Counter-wise, if you are not using a VPN on your PC and getting the Invalid IP Address error, then you can try enabling and using the VPN service.

7. Reinstall Minecraft

Reinstalling the game often resolves many issues. Minecraft does not have a built-in uninstaller to remove the game completely. You’ll have to do this manually and here’s how:

1. Open the Minecraft AppData folder by executing the following command in the Run dialog (Win + R):


Alternatively, you can also navigate manually to the following location from Windows Explorer:


Note that the AppData folder is usually hidden, so enable “Hidden items” to navigate to it manually.

2. Here, delete the folder named .minecraft.

3. Finally, install Minecraft again by downloading it from Mojang’s official website.

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