10 Ways to Fix if Live Activities is not Working or Showing Up on iPhone in iOS 16

fix live activities not working

The new iOS 16 has brought a lot of lock screen-related improvements. One of those is the Live Activities feature. This feature lets you check real-time updates right from the iPhone’s lock screen. These real-time updates include live sports scores, uber cab arrival updates, burnet calories, etc. making it really easy to keep eye on your important updates.

But there are some users who are not able to get the Live Activities working or not updating in real-time on their iOS devices. If you are also facing the same issue, then go through this fixing guide.

fix live activities not working

How to Fix if Live Activities is Not Working

If the live Activities on the lock screen of your iPhone is not working then it can be due to a number of reasons like incompatibility of the app, bug in the OS, issues with the network, etc. based on the possible reasons here are the tips and workarounds that you can try to get rid of this issue.

1. Check the compatibility of the app

The live activities require collaborative working of the app whose live updates you are trying to access and iOS 16. Now, since iOS 16 is available to serve you the facility, it all boils down to whether the app supports live activities or not.

Apple has already released the Live Activities API for the developers and now it’s up to the app developers to make their apps compatible with this new feature. Adding to this, it is also possible that you have not updated your app and are using the old version that doesn’t have support for Live Activities.

2. Enable-Disable Airplane Mode

The issue with the network connection on the iPhone can also make the Live Activities feature not work. If you are not seeing the Live Activities updating then it can be possibly due to the inaccessibility of a proper internet connection. Hence you should consider enabling and then disabling the Airplane Mode.

Bring down the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping it down from the top right of the screen.

airplane mode in control center
airplane mode in control center

Then tap on the Airplane Mode toggle to enable it. When enabled, it with turn amber in color. Once enabled, again tap on it to disable it.

3. Enable Live Activities

The Live Activities feature is required to be enabled on your iPhone in order for it to work. To enable Live Activities:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Face ID & Passcode. Enter the passcode of your iPhone when prompted.

face id and passcode iphone

2. Here, scroll down to the ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED section and toggle on the Live Activities option.

enable live activities iphone

If it is already enabled then disable it first, restart your iPhone and then follow the above step.

3. Once enabled, restart your iPhone.

4. Enable Location Services

If the Location Services are not running on your iPhone then the Live Activities for updates like Uber cab arrival, calorie tracking update, etc. are not gonna work. Hence it is required to enable the Location Services on your iPhone:

1. Open the iPhone Settings app and go to Privacy & Security.

privacy security iphone
privacy security iphone

2. Tap on the Location Services option.

location services privacy settings
location services privacy settings

3. Select the app the Live Activities are not working for. I am using the Apple Watch Workout app for illustration purposes.

select app location services

4. Finally, select the While Using the app option.

enable location services for the app

5. Enable Background App Refresh

If the Background App Refresh is not enabled on your iPhone, then the apps that you’ve closed will not update in the background. That means when your phone is locked, the app is not gonna function at all. Then how the Live Activities is supposed to fetch the updates from the app? So, enable Background App Refresh.

1. Open the Settings app and go to General.

iphone general settings
iphone general settings

2. On the General Settings page, tap on the Background App Refresh option.

background app refresh iphone

3. Again tap on the Background App Refresh option to enable it.

change background app refresh settings

4. Here, select the Wi-Fi & Mobile Data option to enable the App Refresh on both the Wi-Fi network and mobile network.

set background app refresh to Wi Fi and Mobile data

If it is already set on Wi-Fi & Mobile Data, then first set it to Off and then select the Wi-Fi & Mobile data option.

5. Now come back to the previous screen and check from the list of apps if there is any live-activities-supported app that is disabled to use the background app refresh. If there is any, then toggle its switch to on.

6. Disable Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode, when enabled, restricts the apps from running in the background. This can lead to the live activities feature not working or updating. Hence disable the Low Power Mode as well.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Battery.

battery settings iphone

2. On the Battery settings page, toggle off the Low Power Mode option.

disable low power mode iphone

7. Force Restart your iPhone

If the Live Activities feature is not working due to some background bug or OS glitch then it can be tackled by hard rebooting the iPhone.

1. Press and release the volume-up button of your iPhone quickly.

2. Then, press and quickly release the volume down button.

3. Lastly, hold down the iPhone’s side button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

8. Reinstall the app

If you are having the Live Activities issue with some specific app then there is a high chance that the app is faulty. In that case, you should consider removing that app and reinstalling it.

To remove the app, long-press on that app and tap on the Remove App option. Again tap on the Remove app option on the confirmation prompt.

remove spotify app

Once the app is removed, open the App Store, search for that app and install it back again.

9. Check for iOS update

It is possible that the current iOS version that you are using is not working well with the newly introduces feature. Also, please note that you must require to be on iOS 16 or later to use the Live Activities feature. To check for updates:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to General and then Software Update.

ios settings general fix photo shuffle
iphone settings

2. If there is an update available, go ahead and download, and install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Update software on your iPhone

10. Reset All Settings

Lastly, you can try resetting all settings on your iPhone. Doing so will factory reset your iPhone settings. But don’t worry all your media and data are gonna be there on your iPhone.

1. Launch the Settings app and go to General.

ios settings general fix photo shuffle

2. Scroll down and tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

transfer or reset iphone settings

3. Here, tap on the Reset option.

reset iphone settings

4. On the popup list of options, tap on the Reset All Settings option.

reset all settings iOS 16

Bottom Line

And that’s it for this fixing guide. I hope the aforementioned tips and fixes would have helped you in resolving the Live Activities issue. The live activities feature has been introduced with the new iOS 16 update and hence you are required to have your iPhone running on it.

Also, restricted background app refresh or low power mode are the things that hinder the apps to not work properly when the phone is locked, leading to Live activities not working properly. It is also possible that the app for which you are trying to have the Live Activities on your lock screen is yet to get support for the feature.

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