4 Ways to Fix Multiversus Connection Lost [PS4, PS5, XBox, PC]

multiversus connection lost

The MultiVersus game is getting a lot of love but there are a number of PC users who are facing the “Connection Lost” issue in the game. If you are also facing this issue and are seeking a solution then you have landed at the right place.

Here I have shared some fixes and workarounds to rectify the issue. Let’s get started.

multiversus connection lost

Fix the “Connection Lost” issue in MultiVersus

The game is currently available in open beta and is available for all the major platforms including Windows PCs. It’s a free-to-play 2v2 fighting game with a lot of characters collectively from the house of Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, DC Comics, etc.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

Since the game is showing the Connection Lost error which indicates that there is some issue in establishing the connection with the game server. It is very likely that your PC is not having a stable internet connection.

With that said, make sure to check your internet connection. if possible, restart your internet router and modem to refresh the connection. Also, disconnect and then reconnect your PC from the internet.

Fix 2: Restart the Game

If the game is going through some internal bug or glitch, a simple restart of the game should do the trick. If you are having the Connection Lost error for no reason as your internet connection is completely sound, you should definitely restart the game completely.

Fix 3: Use a VPN

The game is currently in open beta and hence the game is having a comparatively less number of game servers. This makes the game not serve the users a proper connection due to the server shortage. But in my personal opinion, the game is working pretty well with the US servers and hence you can use a VPN on your PC and connect to the US-based VPN server. This should solve the issue or at least will at least, decrease the Connection Lost error to pop up the frequency.

Fix 4: Wait for the stable release

Since the MultiVersus game is in Open Beta release, for now, you can’t expect the game to work smoothly without any errors. Because of being in Beta, issues like Connection Lost are kinda common and there is nothing much you can do in this.

Being in beta, the game is not serving the experience with as many servers as other public stable games. Hence if you are not able to fix the Connection Lost issue, then you’ll have to wait for the game to get released as a public stable game with the hope of issues like Connection Lost getting rectified.

Bottom Line

Here comes the end of this fixing guide and I am hoping that you would have got the solution to the “Connection Lost” issue that is emerging in the MultiVersus game. The game runs completely online and hence there is always a need for a good and stable connection between your PC and the game servers. But, since the game is currently in Public Beta, it is possible that there are not enough servers to serve a properly stable connection to all the players.

As a workaround, you can use a VPN and connect it to the US location. And if this doesn’t work, then unfortunately you’ll have to wait for the stable release of the game.

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