Fix: Music content cannot be played in PiP on YouTube

fix music content cannot be played in pip

Many iOS users are getting the “Music content cannot be played in PiP” error message in the YouTube app. Irrespective of whether the user has YouTube Premium or not, the error is overlapping both. The Picture-In-Picture mode in iOS is available only for Premium users, however, the users in the US are capable of doing so without a subscription.

fix music content cannot be played in pip

Talking specifically about the error, the users have reported that the users are getting the error even when they are playing non-musical content. The error message is intact for some users even when the PiP mode is disabled on the iPhone or iPad along with no option for the same on YouTube as well.

The error is making the iOS users completely unable to use the feature along with an annoying popup of the error message.

Pause the video prior leaving to the home screen

Alongside the various reports for the “Music content cannot be played in PiP” error, there is also a user who has luckily shared a workaround that can help you get rid of the error temporarily.

As per the workaround, consider pausing the video before leaving to the device’s home screen. If you do so, the “Music content cannot be played in PiP” error should not pop up.

There is currently no official acknowledgment of the issue from YouTube and hence there are fewer chances of the issue getting resolved anytime soon. I’ll be updating this guide as soon as I get any sharable workaround/fix or other updates on the story.

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