Fix: Photo Fervor Elephant Graveyard Glitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fix Photo Fervor Elephant Graveyard Glitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Many of the Disney Dreamlight Valley players are experiencing a weird glitch in the Goofy’s Photo Fervor quest where the Elephant Graveyard photos are not being recognized by the game. If you are also facing the same issue with the game, then bear with me in this guide and I’ll provide you with a workaround that would probably solve your issue. Let’s get started now.

Fix Photo Fervor Elephant Graveyard Glitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

What is the Photo Fervor Elephant Graveyard glitch?

There are many quests in the Disney Dreamloght Valley game that players are needed to complete to get to the next one. And among these quests, there is a quest named, “Goofy’s Photo Fervor“. In this quest, there is a part where the player is required to take photos of different areas of the map.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Elephant graveyard

And one of the areas that needed to be photographed in the quest is the Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard. But due to some glitch, the taken photograph is not being registered by the game, making it impossible for the players to proceed further

How to Fix the Photo Fervor Elephant Graveyard glitch?

Luckily, you are not alone who is experiencing this glitch in the game. There are many who have reported this on multiple community sites about this glitch. Adding to this, there are also players who have managed to get this glitch bypassed by a simple workaround.

One user shared his way of resolving this issue. You can read that below:

According to the player:

Step 1: Stand at the transition line of the area.

Step 2: Switch the Photo to full screen mode.

Step 3: And then click photos in the selfie mode.

Try capturing 20-25 photos and one of them will definitely get registered.

Bottom Line

And there you go! This is how you can proceed in Goofy’s Photo Fervor quest if the Elephant Graveyard Photos are not being registered within the game. As of writing this guide, there is no official acknowledgment from the company regarding the issue. Please consider sharing this with the needy ones if found helpful.

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