Fix “Due to repeated attempts or other suspicious activity, your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled. Support Code: SS06” Error in Snapchat

fix snapchat support code ss06

The “Snapchat SS06 Error” is a common issue that users may encounter when trying to log into their Snapchat accounts. The error message typically displays the following message:

Due to repeated attempts or other suspicious activity, your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled. Support Code: SS06

This error can occur due to a variety of reasons, including issues with the user’s internet connection, problems with the Snapchat app or server, or account-related issues.

fix snapchat support code ss06

How Fix the Snapchat SS06 Error

If you are dealing with the SS06 Snapchat error and your Snapchat account is temporarily locked, try the following fixes to get back your Snapchat account.

1. Unlock Snapchat account from Web Browser

If you are unable to log into your Snapchat account from the app due to an issue such as a temporarily locked account, you can log into your Snapchat account in a web browser and Unlock it. Here’s how it is done.

  1. Go to the Snapchat Login page in your web browser.
  2. On the login page, enter your Snapchat login credentials and tap on Login.

    login to snapchat
  3. Doing so will prompt you to the Locked Account page with a big Unlock button. Tap on that UNLOCK button.

    Unlock Snapchat Account
  4. You should see a success message informing you that your Snapchat account is unlocked.

    success message snapchat unlock

You can now use the Snapchat app to log into your account.

2. Turn off Proxies / VPNs and Switch your Network Connection

If you are using a proxy or VPN connection on your device, then it may interfere with establishing a trustworthy connection with Snapchat, leading your account to get locked temporarily.

Hence, if you are using any VPN or Proxy, please consider disabling it. Also, if you are on Wi-Fi then switch to a Cellular connection or Vice Versa. After applying these changes, force close your Snapchat app and open it again.

3. Don’t use a Rooted device

If your Android device is rooted, then Snapchat is not going to work hand in hand with it and can lead to a temporary lock on your Snapchat account.

So, if your device is rooted then consider unrooting it or switching to a different device.

4. Contact Snapchat support

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you may want to contact Snapchat support for further assistance. They may be able to provide you with additional information or help you to resolve the problem.

Unlock your Snapchat Account

It may take some time for Snapchat to review your request and unblock your account. In the meantime, you can try following the general troubleshooting steps mentioned in the previous answer, in case the error was caused by something else.

Also, please keep in mind that Snapchat’s terms of service prohibit certain activities such as sharing inappropriate content, spamming, or violating others’ privacy. If your account was blocked due to a violation of these terms, Snapchat may choose not to unblock it. Be sure to read Snapchat’s terms of service and community guidelines to understand what is and is not allowed.

Also is important to know that even if your account is unblocked, if you continue engaging in activities that violate the terms of service, your account may be blocked again.

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