7 Ways to Fix Apple Watch Not Charging Fully or Above 80%

Apple Watch is an amazing device when it comes to health and fitness as it has sensors that give you the most accurate reading along with other features. If we talk about battery then a fully charged Apple Watch can last up to 2 days.

Also, it takes about 2 hours to charge an Apple Watch completely with its magnetic connector. But we are glad to inform you that we are providing you with fixes using which you can solve this issue.

Why Apple Watch is Not Fully Charging or Above 80%

Due to the addition of new features like Optimized Battery Charging in the iOS 13 Apple Watch comes with a machine learning feature that adapts to your daily charging routine to delay charging past 80% in certain situations like when you put your watch on charging past midnight.

There are other things that limit the charging above 80% according to the tech giant, this new feature is designed to reduce the wear and tear on your battery and improve its lifespan by reducing the time your watch takes to get fully charged so that it doesn’t get overcharged in case you forget to remove your watch from charging.

Temperature-related problems can also be a reason if your Watch does not charge beyond 80%. Just like most electronic devices, the Apple Watch can heat up a bit when connected to a charger. However, in some cases, the Watch may overheat during charging, causing the device to stop charging and display a high-temperature error notification.

But not to worry in this guide we provide you with the fixes that will help you fix the issue of Apple Watch not charging above 80%.

Try These Simple Fixes First

Before moving on to advanced fixes try these simple fixes which you don’t have to do anything extra. The only thing you have to do is to move something here and there and try something else instead of the things that you already have. Try the given below simple fixes before moving on to the advanced fixes:

  • Try to charge the watch after 6 AM.
  • Align the Charger and the Apple Watch’s magnets properly since misalignments can lead to Apple Watch not charging.
  • Wait for at least 2 – 3 hours before concluding that the Apple Watch is not charging above 80%.
  • Try a different magnetic cable or power adapter to check whether the issue is with the Apple Watch, the connector, or the charging adapter.

Fix Apple Watch not charging fully or above 80%

If the above things didn’t work out then try the fixes which are mainly concerned with the Apple Watch and its functions. Without further due follow the below-mentioned fixes:

1. Turn off Optimized Battery Charging

As we said earlier, Apple Watch comes with Optimized Battery Charging which uses machine learning to understand your daily routine and this helps to prolong the device’s battery health.

If you are someone who put your Watch on charging before going to bed and wakes up at 6 AM daily using an alarm in your iPhone then the Watch will learn this pattern and make the charging stuck at 80% before 6 AM and will charge the remaining 20% after 6 AM.

If you don’t want this thing to happen and you know that you have sufficient time to wait for the watch to get charged then you can disable this Optimized Battery Charing. Here is how you can do that:

1. Unlock the Apple Watch and press the Crown button to open the App list.

2. Tap on the Setting icon.

3. Scroll down to look for Battery and tap on it.

4. Now tap on Battery Health.

5. On the Battery Health page go down a little more, and turn off the Optimized Battery Charging toggle.

6. You have two options to choose from. Select “Turn Off Until Tomorrow” if you want to temporarily turn it off or “Turn Off” to disable it altogether.

2. Force Restart Your Apple Watch

One of the best ways to fix any issue on your Apple Watch or any other electronic device is to restart it. While the usual restart might not resolve the issue, a force restart might do it. Follow the given below steps to Force restart your Apple watch:

1. Press and hold the Side button and Digital Crown simultaneously for a minimum of ten seconds.

2. Release both buttons until the Apple logo appears.

3. Wait for the Apple Watch to boot up.

3. Check the overheating of the Watch

It is not a hard fact to not know that every device gets heated a bit while on charging. The same goes for the Apple Watch. It also gets heated up when you plug it into a charger.

However, this gets exaggerated in a hot or humid environment and even more in summer. As a result, your Apple Watch will halt charging at 80% and won’t charge above 80% since excessive heat production can damage your Battery over time.

Note: The majority of the time, this issue does not cause problems when the device is on Optimized Charging.

If your watch gives you a warning of overheating, immediately remove the charger and put the Apple Watch aside for a while. After some time touch the watch and if it is not too hot to touch, then put it back on charge.

There are certain things that you should keep in your mind while putting the Apple Watch on charging:

  • Don’t use Apple Watch while charging
  • Don’t charge your Apple Watch under direct sunlight
  • Place the Apple Watch on a solid flat surface while charging.

4. Make sure the Charger is connected to the Apple Watch properly

Apple Watch comes with a magnetic charger, hence, sweat, dirt, and debris can accumulate on both the charger and the watch which may hinder the charging connection or the electrical signal between the two. It is recommended to wipe off dust or sweat from the back of the Watch and the dock on a regular basis. This will ensure the Watch to not have any obstructions or particles blocking it from charging.

Also, if you haven’t removed the plastic from the Apple Watch or the magnetic charger, it’d be best to remove it.

It is also recommended that you always place your charger on a flat surface like a tabletop rather than on your bed or couch. As the magnets of the charger are not that strong, the watch might get disconnected easily if placed on soft surfaces.

5. Try using a Fast Charger for Apple Watch

As it is very clear that the Apple Watch comes with a Magnetic Fast Charger to a USB Type-C or a USB-A connector but without an adapter, so you need to plug the Apple Watch charger into your iPhone or Mac adapter with the appropriate port or you can just connect the Watch charger to the Mac port.

The Watch will slowly charge if you use a slow adapter of 5W or 12W rating which usually comes with older iPhone or Mac models. These slow chargers can make charging slower and even slower after 80% charging. So you should consider using a fast charger for the Apple Watch up to a rating of 20W.

Buy a 20W fast charger with a USB-C port from Amazon.

6. Check for watchOS Software Updates

Even after trying all the fixes mentioned above the issue of the Apple Watch not getting fully charged or above 80% then could be due to the issue with the firmware of the watch. Hence you should check for the watchOS update and update it if one is available. Follow the given-mentioned steps to update the watchOS Software:

1. Unlock your Apple Watch and press the Crown Button to open the App list.

2. Tap on the Settings app and open it.

3. Swipe down and tap on General settings and select Software Update.

It will take a few seconds to check for any available updates. If any update is available then you will be shown the option to Download and Install an update. Plug your watch on Charging while updating if is not charged above 70%.

7. Reset Apple Watch

If none of these methods worked for you, then you will have to reset your Apple Watch to your factory defaults.

Follow the guide on How to Reset the Apple watch.

We hope that the above-mentioned fixes worked for you, if not then you should consider contacting Apple Support, and they will guide you through the process.

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