4 Ways to Fix “Updating the Battle.net Update Agent” Stuck on Windows 11, 10

Dealing with an update that fails or gets stuck on the Battle.net app can be frustrating, especially when it results in missing out on time-sensitive events or not being able to join friends for a game. While the Battle.net app is known for its reliable servers and fast download speeds, updates can still get stuck, leaving users feeling uncertain about what to do next.

In this guide, we provide proven and reliable solutions to help you overcome this issue. Whether you are experiencing problems updating the Battle.net app or a game, you can find easy-to-follow solutions for your Windows 11, 10 PC in the following sections.

What is the “Updating the Battle.net Update Agent” error?

When someone reports their update is stuck, it could mean that their internet connection’s speed has dropped, their CPU is taking too long to process the downloaded files, there is insufficient disk space, or an unknown bug or error is causing the issue.

A similar problem occurs when the Battle.net app is unable to update itself, rendering it practically unusable.

Fix Battle.net Update Agent Stuck

Regardless of the “version” of the problem you are experiencing, there are working solutions that you can apply without needing to be a computer expert.

Here are some of the most reliable solutions that have helped many users overcome this issue:

1. Check Your Internet

If the problem with your Battle.net updates is not technical or related to the app itself, it may be due to an underperforming internet connection.

To check this and quickly eliminate it as a possible reason, use Speedtest by Ookla, a website that measures the performance of your connection in just a few seconds in a user-friendly way.

If you notice that your internet connection’s speed is not performing as it should, particularly for downloads, it is likely the root of the problem. In this case, if calling your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and resolving the issue that way is not an option, we recommend manually restarting your router or connecting to a different network.

This is especially helpful if you are using public Wi-Fi, which often has a limited or barely-functional download speed.

2. Restart the Battle.net Process

This easy fix was recommended by an official representative of the Blizzard customer support team in a Reddit thread. If your Battle.net app is already running, close it as you would any other app or use the Windows Task Manager if it is frozen or stuck.

1. Open the Task Manager and navigate to the Processes tab, then search for the Blizzard Update Agent.

2. Right-click on it and End Task. Search for any other processes related to the Battle.net app and close them.

3. Start the Battle.net app again, but specifically as an Administrator, and allow the update to start downloading.

Many users have confirmed that this method helped them overcome their problems, and the update was installed as intended.

3. Reinstall The Battle.net App

If simply restarting the Battle.net app does not fix the problem, reinstalling the app may be necessary. This process is a bit slower but often solves many bugs and problems with the app.

1. Close the Battle.net app if it is already running on your system.

2. Now run appwiz.cpl in the Run dialog box(Win + R).

appwiz.cpl run dialogbox
appwiz.cpl run dialogbox

3. Select the Battle.net app and click on the Uninstall option.

Wait for the process to complete, and once the app is successfully uninstalled, re-download the latest version of the setup through the official Blizzard website.

Before installing the app again, make sure that no other processes related to it are still running on your system. Follow the steps above to view the list of background processes running and close any related to Battle.net.

Additionally, follow the steps below to fully remove all data associated with it and ensure cached files do not cause the same problem again:

1. Open the run dialog box by pressing Win + R, type %programdata%, and hit Enter.

programdata run dialog box

Note: If you cannot see this folder, it means you have the “Hidden items” option disabled. To enable it, click on the View button inside any File Explorer window on your PC and enable the setting.

2. Look for a folder called BattleNet (or Battle.net), and delete it once you find it.

3. Rebooting your PC is not mandatory, but we recommend it before moving on to ensure that no Battle.net processes are active and running in the background that may conflict with the upcoming installation setup.

Now you can install the Battle.net app again.

4. Use the Selective Startup Method

The Blizzard support team suggests this method as another recommended solution, as it has proven to be a common cause of the issue. This approach was also mentioned in the same Reddit thread as Solution 1 and has proven to be effective for many users.

Often, users are unaware that third-party applications and programs running in the background can interfere with the Battlenet app’s ability to update. The selective startup is a method that allows your PC to boot and run only specific programs or none at all immediately after, thereby reducing the likelihood of interference with the app’s proper functioning.

Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide from the Blizzard support team on how to implement the Selective Startup method easily.

After going through this article, you should have a good understanding of the possible reasons why the Battle.net update freezes and most importantly, how to resolve it.

It’s worth noting that computer issues can sometimes be highly individualized, meaning that the aforementioned solutions might not necessarily work for everyone.

In such cases, we highly recommend that you reach out to Blizzard’s official support team for assistance. They are always available to provide help and guidance to their customers.

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