How to Fix the “We are unable to get your account information” issue in Minecraft

If you’re trying to play Minecraft on your computer and are seeing the message “We are unable to get your account information. Please restart your launcher,” it is likely an authentication issue. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to the problem.

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Fix the “We are unable to get your account information” Minecraft error

First, try the following minor workarounds:

  • Close the Launcher or Minecraft app along with the error message and try reopening it.
  • Check your internet connectivity and look for any notifications from your antivirus that show “Access denied” messages.

If these workarounds don’t solve the issue, try the following solutions:

1. Re-login to your Microsoft Account

1. Exit Minecraft and all its related apps. Also, close all its error messages.

    2. Now, search and open the Microsoft Store.

    sign out from microsoft store
    sign out from microsoft store

    3. Click on your account icon next to the search bar and select “Sign out” from the context menu.

    4. Click on the account icon again and select “Sign in” to sign in to the Store using your Microsoft account.

    sign in to microsoft store
    sign in to microsoft store

    5. On the next step, select the Microsoft account you were using before and click “Continue.”

    Once you have logged in, launch the Minecraft Launcher, and it will automatically login using your Microsoft account.

    This should fix the error in the Minecraft Launcher.

    2. Uninstall the new launcher:

    1. Open Windows settings from the Start menu or by pressing Win + I.

    2. Go to Apps > Installed apps to open the Installed apps page in Settings.

    go to apps installed app windows 11

    3. Scroll down to find the Minecraft Launcher, click on the three dots associated with it, and click Uninstall.

    4. Follow the on-screen steps to remove the Minecraft Launcher package completely.

    5. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R, type %temp%, and click OK.

    temp folder run dialog box

    6. Clear the Temp folder to clear any corrupted content and restart your system.

    7. Download and reinstall the Minecraft Launcher on your system by going to the official Minecraft Launcher website.

    3. Check the Microsoft server

    Check whether the Minecraft service is down. You can do this by checking the Xbox Status page if you are on Xbox or by following Mojang’s official status page on Twitter.

    You can also use an unofficial Minecraft status checker page to see all the components of the Minecraft service and their status.

    If the server is down, there is nothing you can do but wait for it to come back online.

    4. Allow Minecraft through the firewall:

    Make sure the Minecraft app is allowed through the Windows Firewall by following these steps:

    1. Start to write Allow an app through Windows Firewall on the search bar.

    search and open allow an app through windows firewall
    search and open allow an app through windows firewall

    2. Click on the Change settings button.

    click on change settings
    click on change settings

    3. Scroll down to find Minecraft Launcher and make sure it is allowed through the firewall by tick marking the Publick and Private boxes.

    4. Finally, click OK.

    5. Launch Minecraft manually

    The last option on our list is to launch the Minecraft game manually, which eliminates the need for the Minecraft Launcher. By doing this, you can start the game directly from your start menu.

    To launch the game manually, follow these simple steps:

    1. Type Minecraft in the search bar and open the Minecraft” app to open it.

    2. Once the app is open, log in using your Minecraft account credentials.

    By launching the game this way, you can avoid the Minecraft Launcher error altogether.

    Additional Tips

    1. If you’re using the Xbox Companion app, try signing out and signing back in again. This might resolve the issue.
    2. You can also try downloading an older version of the Minecraft Launcher from an alternative source. Look for the .msi installer file, which is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. After installing, log in with your original Mojang/Microsoft credentials and test if the error persists.

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