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If you wish to download banned and discontinued apps from the App store on your iOS device then you can use this is what most people claims.

What is

Apple’s store is full of games and useful apps that make the iPhone the best and most useful for users. Geeks can download and install thousands of free apps and games on iPhones.

Sometimes, Apple removes and bans some apps and games from the App Store due to Apple’s strict rules and regulations. At that time, fpl33.XYZ stands with users, this is what most people have claimed.

When Apple removes any app from the App Store, many third-party app stores manage to add those banned games and apps. is one of the most popular third-party stores for iPhone users to sideload some modded, hacked, and prohibited apps.

Or is it a scam?

Can you download apps from

This online website has become very popular and people are using it to download some banned and modded apps. So we also tried our hands on the website to see if the claims are true and to check if it is a scam or not.

We are showing you the options that we followed as claimed by other users:

1. Opened the web browser.

2. Went to See below. That was the homepage.

website homepage

3. Clicked on Cameleon App, which claims to convert your Android or iOS into a Cameleon i.e. you can change your whole window’s colors to a particular color.

click on install

4. Then I clicked on install.

5. Waited a minute to load the data, and then I was redirected to perform a task where I had taken the last one of installing the Navi app.

human verification

6. I ended up having the Navi app on my phone but nothing happened.

end up installing navi app

So in our view, this is just a scam where users are lured to install mod apps for their Android and iOS but they end up installing apps that they don’t even want.

Things you need to consider before using

ScamAdviser claims that the website owner is hiding his identity (Wonder why this could be?). So their algorithm gives it a trust score of 77 out of 100.

trust score

Trust score is a different thing and the legitimacy of a website is different. So use the website at your convenience.

What’s the dilemma here?

We know that mobile apps have transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. The popularity of mobile apps has reached such a level that we don’t even think about how much we use them. The reason is they are convenient and they focus on doing a particular task really well.

This popularity of mobile apps has also given popularity to other types of apps–Mod apps. Mod apps are modified versions of the original apps. Mod apps are created in order to provide users with better features or features that are not available in a particular region or will be available by paying real money.

For example, if you are playing a game on your smartphone and there are some features in the game that needs to be unlocked by paying a specific amount. So when you use the Mod version of this game then you can have all the paid features unlocked without paying any real money to the developers.

Is there any problem with using Mod apps?

Of course, there is! Following are the problem and threats of using mod apps:

  • Copyright infringement: This is a punishable offense under various laws and could lead to fines and imprisonment.
  • Financial loss to the developer: Using mod versions of the original apps leads to financial loss as these mod apps will provide users with the features that would otherwise be available after paying real money to the developer- a way for developers to earn money from their codded apps.
  • Privacy attacks: Modified apps are most of the time malicious in nature. These apps not only aggressively push ads but also steal information unique to the mobile device such as serial number, OS versions, and International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.
  • Behaving as a Parasite and turning your device into a host: These apps indirectly use your device’s resources. In 2012 and 2013, famous games like Temple Run 2 and Candy Crush Saga became victims of these mod apps. These modified apps infected numerous devices by offering baits like cheats for the games. Also, by aggressively pushing ads, the developers of these mod apps earn profits.

What do we do then?

Our mothers keep saying don’t accept things from strangers and this also applies to mobile apps — never install apps on your phone from strangers or untrusted sources considering the risks of downloading these apps or using these websites for downloading such apps.

With every passing year, mobile platform malware continues to evolve, with more sophisticated and never-seen-before capabilities. Mod apps and malicious apps take great pains to look as genuine as possible, however, it is always considered to be good practice to verify before downloading any kind of unknown apps.

So always check reviews about any app before downloading and also give a check on its developer. Last, try to do away with mod apps as much as the possible cause they literally cause financial loss to the developers who have given their nights and days in creating these apps.

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