How to Troubleshoot Windows Media Player using the Get Help app on Windows 11

Windows Media Player is a popular multimedia player application that has been around since the early days of Windows. It is an excellent tool for playing video and audio files on your Windows PC, and it comes pre-installed on all modern versions of Windows.

However, like any other software, Windows Media Player can have issues that may affect its performance or cause it to crash.

Fortunately, Windows 11 comes with a built-in troubleshooter that can fix issues around Windows Media Player. One can easily access this using the Get Help App, which offers an interactive troubleshooting solution that offers more clarity to the user.

In this post, we will share how you can use the new Windows Media Player Troubleshooter in the Get Help app of Windows 11.

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How to access Windows Media Player Troubleshooter in the Windows 11 Get Help app

To open the new Windows Media Player Troubleshooter:

1. Launch the Get Help app by searching for the same in the Windows 11 search bar.

2. Type Windows Media Player Troubleshooter in the Get Help search box.

Alternatively, you can also launch it directly by clicking on this link or by typing the following command in the Run prompt (Win + R):


3. Once you have accessed the troubleshooter, it will run diagnostics on your PC and run automated steps to resolve any issues detected.

We can help diagnose your problem by running the Windows Media Player troubleshooter. During this process we will run some diagnostics on your PC to detect the problem you’re experiencing and then run some automated steps to try to resolve it. Would you like us to run this troubleshooter on your device?

Here is a breakdown of what happens when you click on “Yes” to run the troubleshooter:

  • Checking Windows Media Player configuration errors
  • Checking Windows Media Player media library errors
  • Checking audio decoder for DVD playback
  • Checking DVD device
  • Checking Windows Media Player network cache
  • Checking video decoder for DVD playback
  • Checking Windows Media Player

4. After each check is complete, the troubleshooter will offer a report based on the results of the check.

For example, if an issue is found with the Windows Media Player configuration settings, the report will suggest resetting the default Windows Media Player settings.

If an issue is found with the media library, the report will suggest recreating the media library.

The troubleshooter also checks and executes fixes for DVD playback, decoder, and any connected DVD playback device. If a DVD player is not detected on the PC, the troubleshooter will indicate that the hardware is unavailable.

5. If the troubleshooter is unable to fix the problem, you can choose to report the issue to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub. The troubleshooter responds with the following message at the end:

I’m sorry these steps couldn’t fix the problem. Would you like to report this problem to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub?

However, if the troubleshooter is successful in resolving the issue, you can continue using Windows Media Player as normal.

Legacy Inbox troubleshooters

If you are running an earlier version of Windows, such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7, your device will remain unaffected by this update. Users with earlier Windows operating systems can continue using Microsoft legacy inbox troubleshooters.

Once all the legacy inbox troubleshooters are retired, the Troubleshoot links in the Windows Settings app will automatically get redirected to open the new troubleshooters.

The Windows Media Player Troubleshooter in the Get Help app of Windows 11 is a straightforward solution to common issues related to Windows Media Player. With a few simple steps, the troubleshooter can run diagnostics on your PC and execute automated fixes to resolve any issues detected.

f you are experiencing issues with Windows Media Player, it is worth trying the troubleshooter before seeking additional support or choosing an alternative media player.

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