How to get to the doors in Applecore in GoW Ragnarok

how to get to applcore doors

Like any other god of War game, the new God of War Ragnarok also requires solving puzzles to progress. Adding to this, there are many players who are stuck at the Applecore puzzle making it difficult for them to get through the doors. The Applecore puzzle involves waterwheels and chutes that are needed to be treated in such a way that you can get to the door to progress to the next game area.

So if you are looking for the solution to the Applecore puzzles, then go through this guide.

how to get to applcore doors

How to get to the doors in Applecore

Before beginning, let me tell you that there are actually two puzzles in the Applecore area that will lead to two doors in the game. And that also means that you are required to solve two puzzles.

How to get to the First Applecore door

Follow these steps to get to the first door in Applecore.

Step 1: Go down and climb up the chain located to the right.

get to doors applecore 1

Step 2: Clime one more time and then walk to the end of the platform to your left.

Step 3: You’ll see a chute here. Use your Blades of Chaos to block it.

get to doors applecore 2

Step 4: Now, return back to the starting location and use your Axe to freeze the end of the chute located to your left.

get to doors applecore 3

Step 5: Now, use your grapple to swing across the gap.

Step 6: Once you have reached the other end of the gap, freeze the adjacent chute which will lower the elevator. Get on that elevator and recall your Axe to raise the elevator up again.

get to doors applecore 4

And this will bring you to the first Applecore door.

How to get to the second Applecore door

Once you are done with the first door, you’ll now come across the second puzzle. And here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Turn around and go down to your right from the platform.

get to doors applecore 5

Step 2: And then send Atreus up to the ledge onto the walkway. Go back to the start and look at the chute on the left.

get to doors applecore 6

Step 3: Here, freeze the water of the chute to the right wheel. And then instruct Atreus to turn the wheel to the left by pressing Square on your game controller.

This will send rocks down the chute making them stuck in the ice.

get to foors applecore 7

Step 4: Recall your Axe and now use it to freeze the water of the chute on your right.

Doing so will raise a swing point. Use the grapple to swing across.

doors to applecore 8

Step 5: And finally, use Atreus’ arrows to clear the rock blockage you just created. This will raise the platform to the second door of Applecore.

Bottom Line

And there you go! This is how you can get to both doors in Applecore in the God of War Ragnarok game. There are actually two doors that you’ll need to get to and for that, you’ll have to solve two puzzles one after the other. I hope this guide would have helped you in solving the puzzle. If so, then please consider sharing it with the needy ones in your circle.

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