Gotham Knights Haptic Feedback and Vibrations not Working

gotham knights haptics not working

Warner Bros Games produced the Gotham Knights game is getting a very positive response from the players. It is available for multiple platforms including PC, Playstation, and Xbox. But recently there is a section of players who are complaining about broken game haptics.

The players are not able to feel the in-game vibrations in the controller while playing it either via the Playstation controller or the Xbox controller. The game indeed has the option to set the haptics in the Options menu but even after enabling it, the game vibrations are either very mild or are just not there.

gotham knights haptics not working

Using a different controller isn’t helpful

One of the affected users has confirmed that he had tried using a different controller on his PS5 but there was no improvement in the situation.

There are no vibrations or haptic feedback for ps5 dual sense controllers at all, the options are there in the “options” menu on “Gotham Knights” but the don’t actually work the controller vibrations are in responsive. I’ve tried with my other controller and even had my friend try on his PlayStation same issue.

Some players are reporting very mild haptics

A couple of players have reported that there is mild haptic vibration that they are feeling in the game. There are scenarios like scripted fight scenes and cutscenes.

I have recently noticed very slight haptics during certain scripted fights, such as during the first encounter in Clayface’s Lair, and the chase that ensues prior. I also notice a very subtle haptic response after doing a wheelie with the bat cycle. During the fight with the clay mimics, and some other enemies, I receive slight vibration by getting hit, but NEVER by giving hits. For this reason, I believe it is a bug, and a very unfortunate one at that because feeling almost zero vibration in combat severely detracts from the experience. The vibration slider in settings makes no difference to these rare instances of weak vibration. Furthermore, I have not yet experienced trigger reactivity on my dual sense controller, after clocking at least 20 hours with the game.

Vibration only in the Cut Scenes

Some users are experiencing proper vibrations and haptics in their controllers but they are not serving the purpose everywhere they are supposed to. The haptics is only working in the cut scenes for some.

Vibration only works during cutscenes. It gets very weird during batcycle transitions from cutscene to gameplay
gotham knights

The haptics stops working after fighting with Bulldozer

A player has shared his observation and as per that, the haptics of the Gotham Knights works fine up until you win the fight with Bulldozer. After winning the fight with Bulldozer, the haptics of the game either gets fainted or just gets disappeared.

It is definetly a bug. I just had the game make controller vibrate properly for a while. While i was fighting a Bulldozer, i felt every hit. This happened right after some random person left my game. After i beat the bulldozer, all the feedback just fizzled out.

As of writing this post, there is no official acknowledgment regarding the issue. But we’ll keep our keen vision on it and will update this post accordingly. Sadly, there is also no temporary workaround available to fix this issue. It is seeming that we’ll have to wait for this issue to get acknowledged and fixed as soon as possible.

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