How do I know if Recalling my Email Worked in Outlook?

ensure recall email outlook

Microsoft Outlook users are blessed with the email recalling feature. The feature let’s the sent email to be recalled in cases you have sent some wrong or incomplete info in the mail. However, there are some specified conditions that are needed to be met in order to ensure a successful email recall.

If you are confused about whether the recalled email has worked properly, go through this guide as I’ll be sharing complete details about the same.

ensure recall email outlook

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What are the conditions for Recalling an Outlook Email?

In order to have the email recalled successfully, here are the conditions that are needed to be met:

  1. The email must not be opened by the recipient.
  2. Both sender and receiver are needed to be using the Microsoft 356 or Microsoft Exchange account.
  3. Both email accounts must be managed by the same organization/company.
  4. The Email recalling must be enabled by the organization/company.
  5. You must have the Outlook app to recall the email. The same can’t be done on the Outlook web.
  6. You can’t recall the Azure Information Protected emails. The Azure Information Protection must be disabled.

2 Ways to check the Email Recalling status in Outlook

Method 1: Make Outlook notify you of the Recalling status

You can actually make Microsoft itself notify the status of the recalled email. Whether the email has been recalled successfully or not. In order to do that:

Step 1: You just need to checkmark the “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient” while recalling the concerned email.

Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient

Step 2: Doing so will result in Outlook sending you a dedicated notification about the recalling status of the email for each recipient. You can get any of the two kinds of notifications i.e.

Recall Success: That means the email recalling has been done successfully for your selected contact.

Recall failure: This notification means the email has not been recalled for your selected contact.

Method 2: Use the Tracking feature

The second method involves the use of the Tracking feature that will let you track the recalling status of your concerned emails. To do so:

Step 1: Go to the Sent Items from the left pane of your outlook app.

sent items outlook

Step 2: Select the email that you requested be recalled by clicking on it.

Step 3: Then from the top ribbon, click on the Tracking option located in the Show section.

email tracking

Step 4: Doing so will greet you with a screen showing the Recall status of that selected email. Succeeded means the recall was successful and Failed means the tracking was unsuccessful.

recalling tracking status

How to Recall an Email in Outlook

Here are the simple steps you’ll have to follow in order to recall an email in Outlook.

Step 1: Open the Outlook app and go to Sent items from the left pane.

sent items outlook

Step 2: On the right pane, double-click on the email that you want to recall.

Step 3: Under the Message tab, click on the Actions button in the Move section, and finally click on the Recall This Message option.

recall this message outlook

Step 4: You’ll now see a Recall This Message popup window with two options:

  1. Delete unread copies of this message: Selecting this option will simply recall the concerned email.
  2. Delete unread copies and replace with a new message: Selecting this option will allow you to recall and automatically replace the email with a new one.

Select either of the two options as per your choice and click on OK.

recall this message window

Bottom Line

And that’s it! This is how simple it is to get the status of the recalled email in Outlook. The recalling email feature is not a fool-proof way as it doesn’t offer any guarantee, thanks to a long list of conditions that are required to be met for a successful recall. The best way is to just double-check what you are sending and to whom.

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