2 Ways to Add Stage Manager to Mac Menu Bar

Adding frequently used features right on the menu bar makes it way more comfortable to use your Mac. In the same fashion, if you are a regular user of Stage Manager on your Mac machine, then you should consider adding it to the Menu Bar.

This will allow you to save a couple of on-screen clicks every time you want to enable or disable Stage Manager.

There are actually two ways to do so:

  • One is by drag-and-drop right from the control center and
  • the other one is by going to the macOS System Settings.

let’s see both ways in detail.

Add Stage Manager to Mac Menu Bar by drag-and-Drop

The simplest and the least time-consuming way to add Stage Manager to the Menu Bar is by simply dragging the Stage Manager icon from the Mac Control Center.

Follow the below steps to add Stage Manager to the Menu Bar by using simple drag and drop.

1. Open the Control Center of your Mac machine. To open it, click on the Control Center icon on the left of Siri on the menu bar.

2. In the Control Center, locate the Stage Manager tile.

3. Now, simply drag and drop that Stage Manager from the Control Center to the Menu Bar.

And this is how you can drag and drop the Stage Manager to your Menu Bar. Doing so will not remove the Stage Manager from your Control Center so don’t worry about that.

Add Stage Manager to Mac Menu Bar from System Settings

If drag and drop is not your preference or if you can’t use it for some reason, then you can add the Stage Manager to the Menu Bar by going to the System Settings. Here’s how.

1. Open the Mac System Settings. For this, click on the Apple Menu on the top-left of the screen and go to System Settings.

system settings mac

2. In the System Settings window, switch to the Control Center tab from the left.

3. Now, in the right pane, locate the Stage Manager option and select the “Show in Menu Bar” from the drop-down menu associated with it.

And you are done. As soon as you perform the above steps, you’ll see that the Stage Manager icon has got added to your Menu Bar items.

In case, if you want to get rid of the Stage Manager from your Mac’s Menu Bar, then you can remove it by going to System Settings > Control Center and setting Stage Manager to “Don’t Show in Menu Bar“.

Alternatively, you can also drag out the Stage Manager icon from the Menu Bar while pressing the Command key to remove it.

You can read more about these methods in our guide to remove Stage Manager from Mac’s Menu Bar.

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