How to Change Bing AI Tones in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft recently introduced its Bing AI powered by ChatGPT, which has already garnered a significant number of users due to its unique responses to various queries. However, being in its initial stages, the AI chatbot can sometimes provide inaccurate or absurd responses. The company has acknowledged this issue by providing users with the option to choose the AI’s personality to tailor the responses to their needs based on creativity and accuracy values.

In this article, we will explain the different personality tones you can set for Bing AI and how to choose your preferred tone on Microsoft Edge.

What type of Tones does Bing AI offer?

With the latest Bing AI update, you can select any of the following tones for your preferred conversation style, depending on whether you want more accurate responses or something creative and unique.

Creative: This tone generates original and creative responses that may not be the most accurate but could be more descriptive, entertaining, or even surprising. It is useful when you want Bing AI to write essays, poems, or opinions.

Balanced: This setting provides an unbiased response, especially when you are unclear about a subject. The results may not be as descriptive, but they are neutral about the topic. If you are looking for a clear opinion, the AI chatbot will offer pros and cons for the subject or choose to ignore the question.

Precise: This tone offers accurate and on-point answers about topics you are working on. The responses are brief and may include links to more detailed information found on the search.

Change the Tone of your Bing AI

Here are the steps that you’ll need to follow in order to change the output tone of the Bing AI in Microsoft Edge.

1. To change the personality tone for Bing AI in Microsoft Edge, open the application and click on the Chat tab next to the Search at the top left corner.

2. Under the “Welcome to the new Bing” banner, you can select your preferred tone from the options – More Creative, More Balanced, and More Precise.

Hover over each option to view the type of responses you may get from each of them.

3. When you change the AI’s personality, the chat’s UI will change its theme colors to indicate the tone you are currently using.

You can experiment with the AI tool by changing the personality midway through a conversation or checking for responses to your query with each of the tones.

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot provides different personality tones for users to choose from based on their needs. Whether you want accurate responses, creative responses, or unbiased opinions, you can select the appropriate tone.

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