How to Change Number Format on iPhone in iOS 16.4

When it comes to representing numbers, different regions prefer using different symbols as separators to group digits in a number. These separators come into play when isolating a number’s integer part from the fractional part as well as to divide numbers with many digits into groups to make them easier to decipher. You might have seen a decimal point or comma being used within the same number and depending on the region you reside in, its usage will also vary.

For years, iPhone users were left to choose a number format that’s designated to the region they selected on iOS. With the latest update to iOS, you can now change the number format on your iPhone to your own choice from within the Settings app and this is what we’ll explain in this post.

What number formats can you choose from on iOS 16?

With changes made to iOS 16.4 (beta 2), you can choose from three different number formats for your iPhone. These formats use spaces, commas, and periods as symbols to separate thousands in a number or as a radix point.

Radix points are characters that are used to separate the integer part of a value from its fractional part and are generally assigned by a period (.) or a comma (,). A thousand separators are used to divide numbers with many digits into groups of three and are generally assigned by a period (.), a comma (,), or a space ( ).

On the latest version of iOS, you’ll be able to apply any of the following number formats as your preferred option for your iPhone:

  1. 1,234,567.89: This format uses a comma (,) as the thousands separator and a period (.) as the radix character. This format is used in most English-speaking countries.
  2. 1.234.567,89: This format uses a period (.) as the thousands separator and a comma (,) as the radix character. This format is preferred in many non-English-speaking countries.
  3. 1 234 567,89: This format uses a space ( ) as the thousands separator and a comma (,) as the radix character. This is an internationally recommended number format.

How to change Number Format on iOS

Before you can change the number format on your iPhone, you need to make sure that your iPhone is running on iOS 16.4 (beta 2) in either developer or public beta profile.

If you’re on the stable iOS update channel, we suggest you wait a few more weeks before this update is made available to you.

Note: Beta versions of iOS may not be stable for your daily tasks. So install a beta iOS version at your own risk.

1. If your iPhone is running on iOS 16.4 (beta 2), you’ll be able to change its number format by first opening the Settings app.

iphone settings
iphone settings

2. Inside the Settings app, tap on General.

iphone general settings
iphone general settings

3. On the General settings screen, scroll down and tap on the Language & Region option.

4. On this screen, tap on Number Format.

5. You’ll be able to choose from any of the three options available on the screen. When you select a format you prefer, a tick mark should appear on the right side of the chosen format.

You’ll be able to view numbers on your iPhone in the format you selected from now onwards.

Why is it important to choose the right Number Format on your iPhone?

The number format that you choose on your iPhone is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it makes it easier for you to read and understand numbers.

Secondly, it helps you communicate with others more effectively, especially if they are in a different region with a different number format.

Thirdly, it can help avoid errors when working with numbers, particularly if you are entering numbers into a spreadsheet or other software application.

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